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And France makes nine. 

Today, eXp World Holdings, the holding company of eXp Realty, announced the opening of eXp France, completing eXp’s international expansion plans for 2020. France is the third European country in which eXp has planted its brokerage flag. eXp has operations in nine countries now, including its headquarters in the United States, plus the United Kingdom, Portugal, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Mexico and now, France. (Read the press release here.)

“We are thrilled to open in France as our final launch in our international expansion this year,” said Michael Valdes, President of eXp Global. “As the third-largest economy in Europe, France is an optimal location to launch our innovative, agent-centric model. We have identified a huge opportunity in France to provide agents with a platform that allows for potential financial independence and access to our unique proprietary tools.” 

Similar to the U.S. model, agents in France will benefit from eXp’s unique financial model for residential and commercial real estate agents, offering an attractive commission structure, and revenue share and equity programs that include opportunities for stock awards. 

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Agents will also have access to eXp’s innovative and collaborative cloud-based platform.

Samuel Caux, who has several decades of real estate experience in France, is the Designated Managing Broker. 

“We are excited about the arrival of eXp in France,” said Caux. “The kind of advanced technology and virtual experience that eXp France offers will add massive value to both the agent and consumer experience.”


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