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Ask any of eXp Realty’s 60,000+ agents worldwide what makes them most excited about their work and the answer is likely “helping others.” Giving back through service to the community is one of eXp’s 9 core values and why eXp commits one day a year for its agents and staff to give back through the “I Heart eXp Community Day,” which will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 6. This date is significant, because eXp launched on that date, 12 years ago.

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This year’s theme is “Heart to Hand,” reflecting the eXp Community Day logo, which carries a heart in its hand, evocative of eXp’s commitment to give back to its communities through love and support.

“Last year’s COVID-19 lockdown limited what we could do, but this year, we are hoping to get out into the communities and build on the momentum we’ve created over the past few years,” said Micah Mruwat, eXp Broker Associate in Oklahoma and the brainchild of eXp’s Community Day.

During last year’s I Heart eXp Community Day, eXp agents raised money in a variety of ways for their communities. The stories are deeply inspirational.

Luis Leiva’s New Jersey Group Raised $11,174

Last year, New Jersey eXp agent Luis Leiva headed up a group that raised $11,174 for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. He organized eXp agents to raise the money through an online fundraiser, asking people to donate just $11 — symbolic of eXp’s 11-year anniversary.

“Doing this was important for me because growing up and having food on the table was always a blessing for me,” said Luis. “To this day, I do not waste one ounce of food. I feel that true success is measured by how many people you can help and how many minds you can inspire.”

Nacole Ricks’ Texas Group Raised More Than $10,000

In 2020, eXp agent Nacole Ricks oversaw organizing “I Heart eXp Community Day” for the entire state of Texas. But due to COVID-19’s lockdown limitations, she, her team and regional leaders did it by fundraising through a clear and dynamic website “IHeartexpTexas,” which Nacole’s team created. It divided Texas into several regions with leaders in each. The Texas group managed to raise more than $10,000, which was donated mostly to food banks in each region.

“I was so excited to do this because all I had to do was perform and meet people and talk to people and make a connection that I can build upon,” said Nacole. “It will benefit you in the long run by giving back to the community.”

Volunteer Ideas Over the Years Include:

  • Making meals at a homeless shelter
  • Stocking a food pantry
  • Packing backpacks for a youth shelter
  • Participating in a “Sleep Out”
  • Holding a gift card drive
  • Offering handyman services
  • Collecting and donating clothes and shoes
  • Attending a seminar on mental health
  • Volunteering at an animal shelter

New This Year: Free Shipping on I Heart eXp Merchandise

There are several ways agents and staff can take part in eXp’s Community Day, such as:

But the best part about purchasing I Heart eXp merchandise is shipping is free. That’s right! For any item purchased in the eXp Brand Store, you will enjoy free shipping, but only in the U.S.

Organizational Meeting on Friday, Sept. 10, 2021

For anyone interested in getting involved in “I Heart eXp Community Day,” a meeting for agents, brokers, state brokers and staff will be held on Friday, Sept. 10 at noon (ET) in the I Heart eXp Auditorium. 


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