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eXp Realty is expanding its global footprint once again, this time planting a flag in South America for the first time. As announced today, eXp Brazil is now open for business. (Read press release here.)

Brazil marks the 10th location outside of the contiguous United States where eXp Realty is doing business. Other locations include Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, India, Mexico, Portugal, France and Puerto Rico.

“Our expansion into Brazil marks a milestone moment in the growth of eXp,” said Michael Valdes, President of eXp Global. “Brazil boasts the eighth largest economy in the world by purchasing power, with 213 million people and a thriving real estate market. We are well-positioned to scale eXp Brazil during the country’s economic resurgence.” 

Ernani Assis, who has more than 15 years of experience in the Brazilian real estate market, will lead operations.

“eXp Brazil arrives in a moment of recovery for the real estate market in the country, with favorable forecasts and programmed growth,” says Assis. “At eXp, we invest in our agents’ success. We believe that empowering agents with world-class training, remote flexibility and back-office support creates a superior experience for our consumers. We are excited to introduce a new way of working in real estate and an innovative form of remuneration to position  agents to achieve high levels of success.”

eXp will focus on Brazil’s major cities and regions, including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Minas Gerais. By the end of Q1 2021, eXp plans on opening operations in Italy and Hong Kong as well.

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Agents will also have access to eXp’s innovative and collaborative cloud-based platform.


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