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Get ready for a Sweet 16 party because by the end of June this year, eXp Realty will have brokerage operations in 16 countries. (Read press release here.)

eXp Realty added five countries in 2020 (South Africa, India, Mexico, France and Portugal) and two new countries already this year (Puerto Rico and Brazil). It is anticipated that Italy will officially join next week and Hong Kong is soon to follow. Currently, eXp has operations in its headquarters in the United States, plus Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, India, Mexico, Portugal, France, Puerto Rico and Brazil.

Michael Valdes, eXp President of Global, marvels at eXp’s rapid expansion in these exciting new markets.   

“As we look ahead to the second quarter of 2021, we are solidifying our footprint in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and CALA (Caribbean and Latin America) regions,” said Valdes. “With the addition of Spain, we are continuing to expand our presence in Europe, with a strongly established eXp brand already launched in the UK, France, Portugal and Italy. Colombia is one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America and we see incredible opportunities there. We are also excited about launching Israel, a country that has seen a recent surge in the real estate sector. We are thrilled to see the growth of our brand in these vibrant and historic markets, and we believe that our universally attractive model will continue to change communities around the world.”

Agents will benefit from eXp’s unique financial model for residential and commercial real estate agents, offering an attractive commission structure, and revenue share and equity programs that include opportunities for stock awards. 

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Agents will also have access to eXp’s innovative and collaborative cloud-based platform.


Interested in jump-starting your real estate career? Learn how eXp Realty puts agents first. 

These figures are not a guarantee, representation or projection of earnings or profits you can or should expect. They also do not include expenses incurred by Agents in operating their businesses. eXp Realty makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with eXp Realty results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

Agent Careers
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