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To use a boxing analogy, Dave Collins is a real estate heavyweight champion. His resume is dotted with impressive titles at reputable companies such as LendingTree and Realogy. Two years ago, while in a COO position with a Realogy brand, he was faced with a decision when a major reorganization occurred. Stay with the company during the reorg or consider what’s behind “door No. 2” — a sweet buyout package. He took door No. 2.

Former Realogy exec Dave Collins says that eXp’s agent count of 60,000 is “just the beginning.”

Due to a non-compete agreement, Collins was in a restrictive work situation for a year (April 2020 – April 2021), so he decided to help his son — a loan officer at Movement Mortgage — grow his business, going from $12 million in closings to $75 million. “All while deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up,” laughed Collins.

Once Collins’ non-compete lifted, it was off to the races where he eagerly researched eXp Realty, which he was already familiar with, but he hadn’t really dug deep enough. 

“Real estate is a very big industry in a small town,” said Collins. “It doesn’t matter that there are 1.4 million Realtors. Everyone knows everyone.”

Collins quickly connected with fellow North Carolinians Flint Foley and Rich Tomasini, who explained eXp’s benefits of revenue share, stock awards and a generous commission structure in the language that always resonates with Collins — numbers.

“First and foremost, Rich and I hit it off personally,” said Collins. “Plus, he was able to explain the nuances of eXp’s model and provide numbers that made a lot of sense to me. I am very bullish and excited.”

Collins joined eXp in July 2021 and plans to tap into his virtual Rolodex where he would like to help grow eXp’s burgeoning agent count.

“I think 60,000 agents is just the start of it,” said Collins of eXp’s recent agent growth milestone. “I actually woke up thinking about this. In 2019, the largest brokerages by transaction sides in the country had 43,000 and 52,000 agents each while eXp was only at 24,000 and in a year and a half we are at 60,000. Instantly that became my pitch. Don’t wait until we’re at 100,000! The growth is only just beginning!”


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