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This series “Where Are They Now?” focuses on eXp Realty agents and brokers and how their lives have changed since joining eXp.


After selling real estate since 2006, Rich Tomasini of Lake Norman, North Carolina, was bored and burned out. Over the course of 11 years, he led the No. 2 team in North Carolina for RE/MAX and then he was with the No. 1 team for Lake Norman Realty. In all, he sold half a billion dollars worth of real estate from 2006 to 2017. So when he heard about eXp Realty, he was intrigued by eXp’s revenue share program and in his words, “decided to give it a run.”

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“I was enthusiastic to be part of something exciting,” said Tomasini. “The stock was at $2.80 (Nasdaq: EXPI) when I came over and it still felt like a startup. Now I look back and am so fulfilled to know that I had a little part in helping to make 13 millionaires. I get text messages from people all the time, thanking me for bringing them in.”

Rich Tomasini operates his 1,400-agent revenue share group out of Lake Norman, NC.

Tomasini is considered to be part of eXp’s top influencer group — a very select group of agents who have attracted other top-producing agents into the company. In addition to building out a growth team of more than 1,400 agents, he can also lay claim to helping launch eXp UK back in 2019. “I brought in a British agent (Barry Pulver), hoping that relationship would grow. It eventually grew to 150 estate agents, which led to hiring UK Designated Managing Broker Adam Day.

“I wasn’t a celebrity or a coach prior to coming here, but I was still able to build a 1,400-agent revenue share group due to the powerful model,” said Tomasini. He coaches his vast network of agents and earns income from revenue share, which is approximately $60,000 a month. “My base of agents in my revenue share are some of the most talented people in the industry. I learn daily.”

With eXp, Tomasini feels he is not operating in a silo.

“The leadership from (founder and CEO, eXp World Holdings) Glenn Sanford, (CEO, eXp Realty) Jason Gesing and (President, U.S. Growth) Dave Conord is second to none. Direct communication when needed is a call away,” said Tomasini.


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