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Chauncey Pham exp realty

Like many independent brokers, Chauncey Pham joined eXp Realty to free herself of the complications and liabilities of running her own brokerage. The huge overhead, difficulty in attracting top talent, and desire for less risk led her to eXp, which provides support for all of that and much more.

Chauncey Pham closed her independent brokerage to join eXp in September 2019.

Pham was approached by many agents to come to eXp, but nothing turned her head until fellow Dallas-Fort Worth broker Nicholas Good joined eXp. That got her attention quickly.

“I admired him. When he took his team over to eXp, I stopped in my tracks and started looking on my own,” said Pham.

eXp’s model, which essentially supports everything an independent broker is trying to do, such as provide training, collaboration, support and a platform to grow a business made sense to Pham, who joined eXp in September 2019. Read more about Chauncey Pham below. 

Years in real estate: Since 2016

Gross sales and transactions in 2019: $5.8 million on 28 transactions

Brokerage history:

  • eXp Realty (Sept. 2019-current)
  • Phamily Realty Group
  • Metroplex Realty
  • Fathom Realty

Main territory: Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Main focus: Investment properties, first-time buyers

Reasons for joining eXp Realty:

“I was operating an independent boutique brokerage that sounded great on paper and appeared to be a great business.  When in all actuality, it stifled my growth and the agents within and was not very profitable.  So I joined eXp Realty in September 2019 and I kick myself everyday for not coming over sooner.”

What makes eXp special to you?

“The fact that I can build a business instead of only having the option to be the business.  There are so many different ways for me to tap into revenue-generating outlets with eXp.  It feeds both my entrepreneurial spirit and my love for real estate.”

What is one thing about eXp you didn’t realize?

“That agents outside your network would be so willing to share and collaborate.”

Best tip to share with other agents:

“Always answer and return calls. These are people who need help in finding/selling a home.”

10 Fun Things About Chauncey Pham

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Being in a treehouse-like setting when it’s raining and curled up with a good book. 

If you could add a tattoo, what would it be?

A word:  Sophrosyne.

One thing you can’t live without?


One trait that has led to your success?

Ability to assess situations from multiple sides simultaneously.

What celebrity would play you in a movie or TV show?

Amanda Seales.

Pet peeve?

People that speak slowly.

Little known fact about yourself?

Skipped a grade.

Song you never tire of?

“A Song for You,” by Donny Hathaway.

Favorite meal?

Anything with seafood!

Your epitaph will say:

Carved her name in hearts before it was carved here.


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