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5 Reasons to Attend Shareholder Summit

The 9th Annual eXp Shareholder Summit is coming May 17-20, 2023 in Orlando, Florida, and if you’re wondering why you should attend, here are five reasons that should inspire you to register right now:

  1. Connect & Grow Your Network – eXp World Holdings holds two, big in-person events each year and the eXp Shareholder Summit is one of them. Here’s a chance to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Exchanging hugs, handshakes and ideas in real life makes those relationships even stronger. Come get re-energized and grow your network.  
  2. Experience an Event Made By Agents, For Agents – Yes, the eXp Shareholder Summit is a regulatory and pro-forma requirement for public companies in which shareholder business is formally conducted. Yes – that will happen. But, get ready for a Summit that will be totally focused on eXp Realty agents. This is an event designed by eXp Realty agents for eXp Realty agents and is sure to fire you up! 
  3. Get Advice in These Uncertain Times – The market is shifting into unknown territory, so now, more than ever, is an ideal time to get inspired and be informed about how to thrive in uncertain times. eXp Realty’s top influencers and agents will take the stage during the always-popular agent breakouts and raucous XCamp to share insights and offer support and wisdom. Plus, masterminds and workshops are being offered for educational opportunities galore – all so important during this shifting market.
  4. Add More Revenue StreamseXp Solutions is a newly rebranded program, which offers a huge array of industry-leading vendors, tools and services that eXp Realty agents can utilize. But, the best thing is some of these providers offer discounts, revenue opportunities and other financial advantages for eXp Realty agents. Come learn about how to tap into these new income streams and elevate your business.
  5. Get a Free Ticket for a Non-eXp Agent That’s right! If you buy a General Admission or Premier Pass (VIP) ticket, you can invite one non-eXp licensed agent guest for a full eXp immersion experience with an eXplorer Pass. Add this during your registration at any time by choosing the “Add Attendee” option. (Note: The eXplorer Pass includes a free General Admission ticket to eXp Shareholder Summit and is valued at $899. Travel, food and accommodations are not included.)


Create memories with your colleagues, invite a prospective agent to see what eXp Realty is all about and add in learning along the way and then maybe even slip in some fun around Orlando. You will be inspired and reenergized for a long time to come. We are eXp Family – come join us!


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