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why exp agents buy vip

Access. If you have access, doors open and you’re suddenly closer to power and information. In the case of the 2023 eXp Shareholder Summit, with a Premier (VIP) pass, you get access to the best minds in the real estate business and the ROI is immediate and immeasurable. 


Read Why These 10 eXp Realty Agents Say VIP Is the ONLY Way to Go  

Austin Cheviron – Fort Wayne, Indiana:

“The VIP pass is more valuable because of the power of proximity.  The VIP Pass puts us in the room with the top people at eXp and has easily 10x’d our income because of the connections made.”

David Hill – Northborough, Massachusetts:

“I always go VIP for access. Best seats, access to lounge where leadership and top producers spend time.  It’s all access for me.”

Vanessa Nunez – Austin, Texas:

“The VIP experience is just that – an Experience. Instead of being an observer of the magic, you get to be part of it … front and center!”

Debbie Renna-Hynes – Rochester, New York:

“I have chosen to get the VIP pass at each eXp conference since it’s been offered. The reasons I get the VIP pass are:

  • Priority access to events
  • VIP seating for all the events, which means I don’t have to sit in the back of the room!
  • Collaboration in the VIP lounge with other like-minded agents 
  • VIP lunch with leadership. No more scrambling around for a place to eat and standing in long lines and then having to hurry back to the vendor area or to a session

Damian Forrester – Billings, Montana:

“A Premier Pass allows me to have a seat at the table behind the scenes and access to the most powerful, inspiring, and influential individuals in our real estate profession. I’ve had many opportunities to sit down with people like Glenn Sanford, Jason Gesing, Elizabeth Riley, John Mikesh, Fee Gentry, Gene Frederick, and Brent Gove, just to name a few, in order to learn from them one on one so that I can inspire and pour into others that I touch in my life.”

Beth Silverman – Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida:

“Lunch with Leaders was the single greatest reason I didn’t fully understand until I attended. While everyone (literally 7,000 people) exits the general session and walks over a mile to stand in lines to get seated and wait forever to eat, I strolled into a ballroom to an incredible hot buffet lunch and ended up at a table next to @elizriley03 a mega broker she brought to the company, @roargardner and some of his team members, and a new agent or two.

“The conversations at a table like that hit differently.

“I walked out of that lunch and said, “that made the entire premiere pass worth it.” #fact”

“The VIP lounge: Every year the decor, the furniture, the Instagram photo walls, and the food and beverages, situated a few steps from the main action, is a lifesaver.”

“Early access, VIP registration, and premier seating: it’s like flying first class. It’s just better.”

Marcus Ledbetter – Greenville, South Carolina:

“I have learned through my real estate journey that you have to surround yourself with like-minded, successful people in order to grow. Since I am my biggest investment, I would be doing a disservice to myself and my career to not take advantage of this opportunity.”

Charlene Little – Seattle, Washington:

“My reasons for purchasing the VIP pass are the extra perks that come with it. VIP Mastermind sessions, early entrance, additional access to VIP-only sessions with being able to network with the best in the business.”

Jessica Nieto – Carlsbad, California:

“I create my conference strategies through the lens of an athlete in a contact sport. First, I invest in my Premier Pass so I can get on the field with the MVP’s.  Next I jump into every VIP exclusive mastermind and front row seat included so I can learn from people that know the things I want to learn to get me down farther down the field and faster!”

Jeffrey DeJesus – Daly City, California:

“The VIP Pass saves time by not standing in lines and saves time and money by making breakfast, snacks and lunch convenient. Also, the VIP Pass has the best seats, which of course is where the Movers and Shakers are. And for the most important reason, sitting closer to the stage has a much stronger impact.”


The eXp Shareholder Summit promises to be the biggest, most agent-centric event yet and is open to eXp Realty agents and staff, real estate professionals, investors, media and anyone interested in learning more about eXp Realty. 


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