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For EXPCON 2022 Premier Access (VIP) passholders who were hungry to learn from the very best, they got a special, exclusive afternoon tutorial from a lineup of highly successful individuals on topics such as “Health is the New Wealth” and “Billionaire Mindset.” 

Health Is the New Wealth

The first segment featured eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman, Glenn Sanford; Naveen Jain, Founder and CEO of Viome Life Sciences; Jairek Robbins, President SUCCESS Enterprises and Kristen Holmes, Vice President, Performance Science at WHOOP.

From left: Glenn Sanford, Naveen Jain, Jairek Robbins and Kristen Holmes.

A lot of the conversation among the panel centered on having quality sleep, good nutrition, plenty of exercise and getting fresh air – all which can be monitored with data.

Kristen said there was a year-long study done on “100 hard-charging CEOs” and part of the findings focused on their direct reports who gave feedback on their psychological safety. It was revealed that there is a direct relationship between sleep deprivation and psychological safety that resulted in the company either making or losing $4.3 million a year.

Kristen Holmes of WHOOP.

“The data shows when you have a sleep deficit, it messes up your ability to lead. Your team feels less safe working with you. Sleep deprivation impacts home life and makes everyone more irritable. You need to be present in life.

“Whoop gives you insight into how your body is trending. My role is grounded in collaborating with scientists, asking questions about biometrics and behaviors that our customers can manage their health more effectively.”

Glenn said he now wears an Oura Ring and as a result, he doesn’t drink anymore. “I hear there are benefits to drinking wine, but I don’t drink that either.

“I want to gamify my health and now I have data to gamify it.”

Naveen Jain On His Goal to Eradicate Illness

Jain is the founder of Viome LIfe Sciences, which is establishing a partnership with SUCCESS Health.  He spoke about his company and its mission, which is trying to help people become more conscious of their health through data.

“What happens first? Symptoms. The symptoms of not sleeping, anxiety, depression, not losing weight, dieting all the time – these are the symptoms. But, what is going on inside the body is what you need to know. Get in and find out. By the time you have the symptoms, it’s already too late. Start to look inside you to find out what is going on before you feel the symptoms.

“Imagine living in a world where illness is an option. If I get sick, it’s my choice. But, being healthy is a choice and being sick is a choice.

Glenn Sanford and Naveen Jain.

“The foods that are good for my wife are bad for me and vice versa. We can’t just eat the same foods because our bodies are not the same.”

“You need to keep tuning into your body. What is good for you today, might not be good tomorrow. You need to constantly analyze your body.”

Heart Rate Variability Is Affected By a Variety of Things

Kristen spoke about heart rate variability, which is the amount of time between your heartbeats that can fluctuate slightly and indicate health problems including heart conditions and mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

“One of the markers that is critical to track and is driven by nutrition, relationships, and sleep, is your heart-rate variability (HRV). You want your heart-rate variability to improve. It will move north and south based on what you’re putting in your body, the sleep you get, the stability of relationships, the load you put on your body. It’s an important marker to track.

“Sleep consistency is one of the hardest things to control. The one behavior for mental and physical health is sleep consistency. When it moves around, our stress goes up. When it’s stable, our stress goes down. When your eating window is within two hours of bed there is less quality of sleep and a greater impact on HRV.”

-Kristen Holmes, WHOOP

“My team likes me better, I’m more positive, more engaged, and I’m thinking better,” said Glenn on how he has more of a handle on his nutrition, diet and exercise. “I can look at the data and know exactly what is working, what isn’t. Sometimes it might be a need to increase exercise or even reduce exercise. Or needing more sleep.”

Naveen chimed in: “It’s not the amount of sleep, but the quality of sleep that matters. That’s when the cleansing happens. Also, don’t eat within three hours of sleep.”

Naveen shared that he eats dinner at 6 p.m., goes to sleep at 9 p.m. and wakes up at 4 a.m. everyday. 

“You’ve got to be consistent to feel better. Find your purpose.”

Glenn Sanford, Rob Flick, Glenn Stearns, Naveen Jain Talk About the Billionaire Mindset

eXp World Holdings CMO Courtney Keating led a panel on the “Billionaire Mindset” with Glenn Sanford, eXp Influencer Rob Flick, Kind Lending Founder Glenn Stearns, and Viome Founder Naveen Jain.

From left: Courtney Keating, Glenn Sanford, Rob Flick, Glenn Stearns and Naveen Jain.

Glenn Stearns on what it means to be successful:

“Money is a wonderful byproduct and you’re able to make a difference in the lives of others. But at the end of the day, the meaning of success is about your health. I got cancer. So for me, it’s good health.”

Rob Flick on importance of passive income:

“As a cancer survivor, I had to get my affairs in order. I needed to develop a passive income stream. I needed to have enough money to have overhead and leave money behind. I had no idea where it would go. To this day, we covered everything for us and our kids and set up a family foundation. The choices we have are time, We completely have control of time and can do what we want, when we want. It’s an unbelievable difference. No financial stress. Glenn set up an ability for generational wealth.”

Glenn Sanford on what drives him

“When you start to think about the possibility of your life span in your 80s, 90s, 100s, it gives you more purpose. One of my goals is to run a marathon at age 90. It helps you reorganize your life. This is real-time, going through this process. Now there is a giveback portion. We’ve all been successful. But then if you are optimizing yourself to live longer, how do you fill those years. How can I continue to add value and do things? I have more energy and more creativity. It’s alignment and coming together in this perfect synergy.”

Naveen on happiness

“The biggest source of happiness comes from watching our children become amazingly wonderful contributors to society. I will tell them I am proud of them when they go out and improve other peoples’ lives.”

Rob on life lessons

“Anything is possible if you believe you can do it. Attitude is everything. Opportunities are unlimited. You just need to open your eyes to see them. You have to believe in the person you are working with and believe in yourself. I always see people not as they are, but as they can be. I’m always looking for people with the right energy. And literally anything is possible.” 


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