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Tim Peirce exp realty

South Carolina’s Tim Peirce was not relishing a change, but in his own words, he couldn’t avoid the inevitable and after a few years of researching all that eXp Realty offered, he moved The Peirce Group from Keller Williams to eXp in July 2023.

Tim and The Peirce Group, based in Hilton Head and Bluffton, South Carolina, will be joined by his 10 agents and four staff members, including a closing coordinator, a director of operations, a director of sales, a showing assistant, and three virtual assistants. It’s no wonder that in 2022, The Peirce Group recorded an impressive $104,804,024 in closed sales on 197 transactions. 

Retention, Expansion, More Revenue Options Drove the Decision

Tim says one of the primary reasons for the move is the ability to retain agents and team members. Unlike their previous model where agents outgrew the team and moved on, the eXp Realty structure allows for a more sustainable and long-term relationship.

 “eXp provides us with the opportunity to keep people in our world and allows us to continue to offer value in the long term,” Tim said. “Our move to eXp and ability to add more flexibility within our model allowed us to preserve that relationship.”

Another driving force is eXp Realty’s borderless model. That advantage gives Tim and his team the flexibility to explore new regions, states and even countries while staying true to their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Additionally, Tim felt that eXp Realty’s ecosystem presents great opportunities for team members seeking alternative sources of income, adding an extra layer of potential growth and financial stability to the equation.

“The transition has been very smooth. Everyone that has assisted us in onboarding has been professional, knowledgeable and excited to help. If they don’t know the answer, they find someone that does. We’ve not fully plugged into the community yet, but we are excited to!”

Brokerage history:

  • eXp Realty (July 2023-current)
  • Keller Williams (Nov. 2018-July 2023)
  • Dunes Real Estate (2012-Nov. 2018) 
  • Carolina Realty (2009-2012)

Other highlights:

  • 2021 – #1 KW Team in GCI
  • 2022 – #2 KW Team in GCI (Hilton Head Market Center)
  • 2022 – The Tim Peirce Group donated $20,000 to Hospice Care of The Lowcountry. 


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