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Soomin Kim exp realty

Soomin Kim has taken command of the luxury real estate market in Austin, Texas, so fast, he’s making heads spin – though not his own. Soomin’s eyes are straight ahead on the mission, if not the prize.

In the less than two years since he joined eXp Realty – having never sold real estate before anywhere – Soomin is riding a giant wave of success unlike almost anything ever seen in the industry. 

Soomin Kim never sold real estate before he joined eXp Realty. In 2021, he sold $67 million on 87 transactions.

In April 2022 alone, Soomin sold $11 million in sales. In 2021, he sold $67 million on 87 transactions. 

“I am an entrepreneur and have not had a ‘job’ for most of my adult life. Before real estate, I had a background in network marketing, e-commerce, blockchain tech, and church ministry,’’ Soomin said.

Bye-bye California, Hello Texas

Armed with a YouTube pipeline of expertly produced and compelling sales videos, Soomin is a natural, a phenom. This is the nature of this California-born marketing wiz turned real estate juggernaut, who views real estate as a calling.

“In 2020, I relocated from California to Texas, leaving everything behind to start fresh with my family in a new environment. I came to Texas without a professional endeavor and a plan. I was inspired by my own experience in relocating and calling a new area ‘home’. The emotional weight, financial burden and physical undertaking of a relocation inspired me to help others that were looking to do the same thing. I chose real estate to be of service to what I feel was a unique period of those taking on a similar path. There is so much more to this than the transaction of property.’’

With his wife and two young children, Soomin landed in Leander and targeted the Austin suburbs.

“The writing was on the wall and expansion of these areas would be unprecedented. Where I came from (in California) there is no longer space in terms of real estate, everyone is recycling and fighting for listings without new built inventory. What I saw in Austin was expansion in both residential, commercial and overall the pioneering of new energy and life that are calling this place home.’’

Soomin Kim chose eXp Realty because it is a disruptor in the industry.

Soomin’s modern vision of the real estate market’s dynamics and its new technology led him straight to eXp Realty. He needed a brokerage that utilizes non-traditional means of marketing to be able to scale his talent and vision.

“By nature, eXp is a disruptive model in this industry. Industries are always working towards new disruption and real estate has been quite primitive in their ways for perhaps longer than it should, this is a sign that disruption is near. When that time is here, you will want to be with a company that is ‘cross-trained’ to adapt,’’ he said.

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It was the right fit from the start. Soomin generated his own leads through social content without spending a penny on advertising. He also chose a super-charged mentor to match his own ambition in mass influencer Mike Sherrard.

“I am a member of a group dubbed The Wolf Pack. I consider us the eXp version of The Avengers: Incredibly talented, intelligent, action-oriented individuals from all backgrounds coming together to scale their business using modern marketing strategies,’’ Soomin said. 

Soomin says the most profitable aspect of his business is creating social content and strategic targeting through SEO, keywords, and understanding the psychology of viewers. He implores other agents to align with specialists outside their brokerage to avoid being limited by what that broker knows – or doesn’t.

Soomin Rode the Sea and Now He’s Riding High on Real Estate

If it seems as if Soomin is riding a special wave with unusual expertise, that’s because he is. A former bodyboarder, Soomin has taken lessons from the sea to real estate, too. 

“Bodyboarding is essentially riding waves in the ocean utilizing a bodyboard. I fell in love with this (form of) recreation as a freshman in high school and never stopped. I started competing as a young adult and gained a myriad of sponsors that allowed me to continue to pursue the sport without expenses,’’ Soomin said.

Soomin draws immense inspiration in all ways from bodyboarding.

“At the very core of how I am wired, my independence, my attitude, along with my personality is shaped by my time in the ocean surfing waves.’’

For eXp Realty super agent Soomin Kim, the surf – even in Texas – is way up. 

Learn More About Soomin Kim:

Years in real estate: Since 2020

Gross sales and transactions in 2021: $67 million on 87 transactions. 

Brokerage history:

  • eXp Realty (November 2020 -current)

Main territory: Austin, Texas 

Main focus: Single-family, Investments, Relocations 

Number of people on team: I am an individual agent, with a growing national and international revenue share organization that I mentor. 

Accolades, accomplishments & awards:

  • eXp ICON Agent 2022
  • Top 500 Austin (Real Producers)
  • Top Agent Nationally – Social Media (Property Spark) 
  • Featured Cover (Austin Real Producers – April 2022) 
  • Top Realtor Sales 2021 – GFO Homes (Austin Market) 
  • Top Realtor Sales 2021- Drees Custom Homes (Austin Market)


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