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From Bangladesh to an American Real Estate Success Story

Saumik (“Sam”) Amin was just 16 years old when he immigrated to the United States from Bangladesh in 2009. Learning was a top priority and he wasted no time, opening his own real estate brokerage in 2017 in Macomb County, Michigan in northern metro Detroit.

Sam Amin.

Amin Realty closed on more than $200 million in sales on 928 units in 2022 and now he and his team of 82 agents and four staff have their sights set on bigger things: a global footprint, which is why he chose to join eXp Realty and its borderless brokerage model in July 2023.

“Since the inception of Amin Realty, our brokerage has set its sights on a remarkable ambition: to extend our reach across all 50 states and ultimately venture into the global market,” said Sam.

“It was during a pivotal moment when our leadership gathered around the vision board, seeking the ideal path to achieve our aspirations. It became abundantly clear that there existed no superior, swifter, or more streamlined approach than forging a partnership with eXp.”

The Amin Realty Group is the No. 1 brokerage in Macomb County, in which Sam was named 2023 Broker of the Year by the North Oakland County Board of Realtors. As an immigrant, he is passionate about opening more doors for young adults, the underprivileged, and yes – immigrants. (Watch the news clip here.)

Key Stats About Sam Amin:

  • Based in Macomb County, Michigan
  • $201,212,862 sales volume on 928 units in 2022
  • 82 agents and 4 support staff joining
  • Specializes in residential, luxury, investment properties, land development

Brokerage History:

  • eXp Realty (Aug. 2023 – current)
  • Amin Realty – Broker/Owner (2017 – 2023)
  • Powell Real Estate (2015-2017)
  • Real Estate Advantage (2013-2015) 

Since joining forces with eXp, our experience has been nothing short of transformative. The partnership has exceeded our expectations and brought forth a myriad of positive changes that have reshaped our company in remarkable ways,” said Sam.

Sam Amin and a portion of his Amin Realty team during the eXp joining party.

“One of the most noticeable aspects of our collaboration with eXp has been the immediate access to a vast network of experienced professionals within the real estate industry. This invaluable resource has allowed us to tap into a wealth of knowledge, insights, and best practices, accelerating our growth and expanding our capabilities.”

Other Highlights:

  • 2023 Broker of the Year awarded by our board (North Oakland County Board of Realtors)
  • Featured on Channel 7 as the fastest-growing local independent brokerage in Michigan
  • Passionate about reading books, lifting weights, and eating clean. We run a book club and a fitness club for our agents in our office. 
  • Proud sponsors of several local sports leagues & tournaments, youth clubs and events with our total current sponsorship spend at $230,000 and counting – only within the span of the last 5 years.
  • In-house title company Petra Title Agency is independently licensed and operational in 33 states. 

“The positive impact of our partnership with eXp has reverberated throughout our organization. We have witnessed a surge in motivation and a renewed sense of purpose among our team members. The synergy created by combining the strengths of Amin Realty and eXp has propelled us forward, igniting a passion for excellence and a drive to achieve even greater milestones,” said Sam.

“Through this partnership, we have not only expanded our reach and capabilities but also gained a competitive edge in the global market. The opportunities for growth and success have multiplied exponentially, allowing us to pursue our vision of becoming a leading force in the real estate industry.”


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