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Phoenix’s Jason Witte took a peek at his eXp stock the other day and was shocked at seeing the amount vested since he joined eXp Realty in September 2019.  

“I couldn’t believe it,” Witte said. “I was totally blown away.”

Jason Witte and his wife, Terri. Jason completed $52 million on 173 transactions in 2019.

Witte invests in eXp’s agent equity program in which eXp agents can earmark 5% of their commission and purchase eXp stock (Nasdaq: EXPI) at a 10% discount.

Not only does eXp’s stock hold great appeal for Witte, but eXp’s generous commission structure and revenue share program make him glad he followed Phoenix-area eXp agent Curtis Johnson and other big hitters to eXp.

Before eXp, Witte owned his own brokerage for a while and closed it after he got tired from “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s” as he calls it. The risks, wearing too many hats and liability, wore him down. But what broke him was the year he was audited. While he passed the audit, it was the final straw. He soon moved to the Realty ONE group where he could build a team and free himself from the headaches of owning an indie.

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But Witte’s real satisfaction is managing his 37-agent eXp team and reaping the benefits of eXp’s business model.

Learn more about Jason Witte:

Main territory: Phoenix, Tucson and Sedona/Verde Valley.

Gross sales and transactions in 2019: $52 million on 173 transactions.

Brokerage history:

  • eXp Realty (Sept. 2019-present)
  • Realty ONE Group (2016-2019)
  • The JW Realty Group (2013-2016)

Number of people on team: 37 agents and two transaction coordinators.

Accolades, accomplishments & awards:

  • MegaTeam at eXp
  • ICON Agent 2020

When and why did you join eXp?

“I came to eXp through Curtis Johnson. I saw the unlimited potential for myself and my team. eXp is the only “different” brokerage with three ways to make money and we couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this.”

What makes eXp special to you? 

“There are three ways to make money and revenue share vs. profit share is a no-brainer. The stock is going up right now. I’m loving what I am seeing with this direction of this company.”

Is there a significant experience you can share since you joined eXp?

“I’ve been here less than a year and couldn’t be happier. I just saw my stock portfolio this morning and saw the amount I have in there. Where else could you go to basically have a 401k for agents?”

What is one thing about eXp that surprised you?

“The openness of all the team leads. It is truly a collaborative effort. Plus, Curtis is always there to help and checks in regularly.”

Best tip to share with other agents:

“Don’t wait or hesitate on eXp. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and it’s STILL early.”


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