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Incorvaia family ohio

With their down-to-earth style and No. 1-ranking for sales in Northeast Ohio, the Incorvaia Team, led by Sylvia Incorvia, her husband Michael Sr. and son, Michael Jr., have left Keller Williams after 16 years and joined eXp Realty.

This is big news for a family who created a powerhouse brand in Ohio and are the shining faces of old-school American real estate success. 

The Incorvaia Family: From left to right: Mike Jr., Sylvia and Mike Sr.

Since 1995, when Sylvia started as an agent, the wife, husband and son triumvirate have built their award-winning real estate business by advertising in places like Mimi’s Magazine, a local circular that the family has not missed advertising in for 16 years. 

And yes, that’s the Incorvaias plastered all over grocery store shopping carts. People text them and say: “Hey, we’re shopping with the Incorvaias!”

There are also postcards sent every time they list or sell. And their ubiquitous billboards make the Incorvaia real estate family famous along the highways between Cleveland all the way to the Lake Erie islands. 

Incorvaia billboards like this dot a busy highway en route to the popular Cedar Point theme park.

These days, the 13 new billboards along this busy Ohio corridor show that the Incovaia’s have made the jump to eXp.

“Last year, we did about 731 transactions for $219 million in volume, some in new construction. We’re excited about the new opportunity. We think we’re going to grow further, but Sylvia and I are really doing this for the people who are younger in the business. In my opinion, the eXp business model is the next logical step,’’ Mike Sr. said.

The Incorvaias Want to Supercharge Their Brand Via eXp Realty 

The family knows how to get things done. It started back when Sylvia worked as a bartender for extra cash when the kids were small. Her warm personality and can-do spirit shined. When the family built a house in a development, people asked her how she did it. Mike Sr. saw a star being born.

“Without even being a Realtor, Sylvia was able to share what she did, how she did it and the plans and everything about it with several people. Then they started building, based on Sylvia’s know-how. Then she thought, ‘I might be good at this!’” Mike Sr. said.

These days, it’s a shared effort. Mike Jr. is deeply entrenched in the community and does a little of everything, from coaching, social media, and generating business from their sphere of influence. Mike Sr. is focused on agent attraction. Sylvia uses her vast expertise to handle all contract questions.

When COVID hit, the family team thought outside the box and used adversity to further generate sales.

“We partnered with ‘Explore My Town’ and did videos at local businesses, like a wine and cigar place, a restaurant, a barbershop. All of these small businesses were getting hit by COVID. So when I was doing these videos at no cost to them, the referrals business we got was incredible,’’ Mike Jr. said.

eXp Is The New Business Model, The Incorvaia Brand Remains The Same

The Incorvaia’s hard work and connections are the backbone of their multi-million dollar business. Now they see eXp as the best model to get them where they now want to go. 

“That’s why the move to eXp is fine. Our agents know they are going into appointments with the Incorvaia name and the company name is secondary,’’ Mike Jr. said.   

“You’re the brand. The Incorvaia Team is the brand. The agents are the brand especially now with social media. It doesn’t matter who you’re with,’’ Mike Sr. said. 

Key Stats & Fun Stuff About the Incorvaias:

  • In 2021, the Incorvaia Team totaled $219 million in closed sales on 731 transactions.
  • Through August 2022, have closed $138 million in volume.
  • Sylvia is a classic car aficionado. She still has one classic car left, a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible. It’s “Matador Red.”
  • Mike Jr. has been a featured agent twice on HGTV’s hit television series “House Hunters.” 
  • The Incorvaias have been named to the WSJ Top 1,000 The Thousand
  • They are No. 2 in Ohio for volume; No. 4 for total units sold in Ohio
  • The Incorvaia Team has sold nearly 1,000 homes since 2005 in Strongsville, Ohio.
  • Grew teams of 250 agents
  • Own the website
  • Give seminars for people who want to downsize via 

The Business Was Built on Sylvia Incorvaia’s Credo

 “People remember us. When I first started in the business, it didn’t matter that if somebody asked me to help them, and it never developed into anything, I never thought that was a waste of time. And now, it’s funny that 15 years later, people say: ‘You know, we never did anything with you, but we always said we were going to come back.’ And now, I’ve got their mother’s house now and their daughter’s house. So, if you do things out of your heart and have the spirit of wanting to help people, and make things better for them, it’s never a waste of time, It comes back ten-fold.”

Obviously, Sylvia’s big heart and sincerity in operating with a people-first mindset helped set the Incorvaia’s apart from everyone else. 


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