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Valerie Langhirt eXp realty

Valerie Langhirt has been an agent since 2018, doing deals mainly for first-time buyers in Hilliard, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. But in 2021, during her annual hog roast event, she landed the deal of a lifetime – a farm and land listing for $9.3 million. Not only did she represent the sellers, but the buyers, too. It took her two years of intense, sleepless nights, but finally, on April 25, 2023, the deal closed for $7.1 million, resulting in a whopping commission check of $424,000.

Valerie Langhirt

“I screamed when I saw it (the check),” said Valerie. “Then, the day after closing, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. This deal consumed my life for two years.”

Annual Hog Roast Connects Her to a Long-time Friend

Valerie and her husband, Alan, were holding their annual hog roast in 2021 when an old, elementary school friend (Michelle) showed up. Her mother recently died and she and her brother inherited two parcels of farmland – 5 and 52 acres. After interviewing several agents, they chose Valerie to represent them. 

Shortly after, Michelle’s grandmother died and she and her brother inherited the rest of the farm – turning the deal into a 400-acre listing for $9.3 million at 6% commission.

“I had a lot of sleepless, crying nights,” said Valerie. “We would go into contract and then it was terminated and we would be back to square 1. It was a really hard process and was emotionally taxing. I basically shut down my business.”

Valerie Switched Brokerages During the Listing Period

When Valerie got the deal, she was with Coldwell Banker, but things were not to her liking in the office. She was friends with eXp Realty agents Jim and Stacey Lambright and Valerie reached out, asking for more information about eXp, but mainly to get her husband Alan’s input. After a BBQ at Valerie’s house, learning about eXp’s stock, revenue share and support, she knew she had to join eXp, but first, she had to pay Coldwell a referral fee to take the listing with her.

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“Being with eXp is like a breath of fresh air,” said Valerie. “No one competes against each other. Instead, everyone lifts each other up.”

And the Goodness Keeps on Coming

Not only did Valerie represent the sellers, but she also represented the buyers – four investors from Columbus who have LLCs and “lots of gas stations.” The closing took 12 hours with a last-minute negotiation over $100K slowing things down.

At one time, L&J Farm was a working farm with over 1,000 head of cattle. In addition, they used it to train and breed horses. But for the past decade, the farm was only leased for crops. And now, the buyers plan on doing a PUD (Planned Unit Development) with condos and a strip mall and want Valerie to work with them on developing it.

“I get to name a road after me. ‘Valerie’s Way,” she said.

“Being with eXp is like a breath of fresh air,” said Valerie. “No one competes against each other. Instead, everyone lifts each other up.”

Meanwhile, the seller (Michelle) also wants Valerie to work with her on buying a new home and some rentals with her inheritance money.

“My husband is my rock,” said Valerie. “He was a calming factor through all of this. I’ve learned more about real estate than ever before from this deal.”

Alan, who was a licensed electrician, plans on joining Valerie in the business where you can be sure they will continue their annual hog roasts. 

“I am honored and humbled to be chosen by both sides to represent this property. I still can’t believe it,” she said.


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