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October ICONs 2021

eXp World Holdings (Nasdaq: EXPI), the holding company for eXp Realty, the fastest-growing residential and commercial real estate company in the world, announced that 244 agents were honored as eXp Realty ICON agents for October 2021.

The eXp Realty ICON Agent Award is reserved for agents who achieve exceptional production goals and positively impact company culture. This honor signals that these agents are leaders in their field and serve as examples to their colleagues by upholding the core values of eXp Realty.

eXp Realty ICON Agents for October 2021

Jacob Adcock, TN
Rachel Allen, TX
Kelly Andel, TX
Susan Anderson, GA
Cynthia Appleman, PA
Lynn Ault, MN
Jill Barclay, IL
Andrew Barnes, MN
Christina Barron, AK
Michael Bass, TX
Cait and Ryan Berry, WI
Monica Betancur, CA
Nilhari and Devika Bhandari, PA
Austin Bivens, AR
Tracey Blanks, TX
Annette and Douglas Bohannon, FL
Casey Bonnett, AB
Justin Boston, NC
Jonathan and Shanda Boyles, NC
David Bratanov, OH
James Brooks, NV
Glenna Buchanan, VA and TN
Karen Burns, AL
Stephanie Cabral, FL
Corey Campbell, MD
Dave Campbell, TN
Diane Cardano-Casacio, PA
John Casey, OH
Jana Caudill, IN
Michelle Chandler, FL
Cory Chapman, BC
Ismael Chavez, CA
Rob and Linda Cheyne, FL
Nicole Churchill, AZ
Louis Cioffi, NY
Corey Clark, WA
Sherri Cobus, ON
Sean Cochran, IL
Larry Cockman, TX
Andrew Collins, NL
Matt Collins, OH
Gina Connell, MN
Andrea Cook, MI
Dan and Connie Couse, KS
Scott Cruikshank, OR
Krista Cutler, NC
Brinda Dalwadi, TX
Jason Dapkevich, NC
William Davis, VA
Phillip DeMuth, NC
Kim Dice, KY
John Di Piazza, MI
Neil Douen, DE
Christopher Drewer, MD
Carlo Drogo Sr., NJ
Deanna Dudley, CA
Carrie and John Dukes, NC
Sherine Duncan, HI
Sharles and Erica Edwards, TX
Jason Ellerbusch, TX
Timothy Enders, CO
Russell Enyart, CA
Lee Ernst, IL
Ryan Espey, MB
Holly and Deanna Evans, NC
Kelly Evans, CA
Jennifer Evanson, ND
John Evenson, AZ
Scott Ewell, TX
Veronica Figueroa, FL
Jennifer Fitze, MD
Natalie Fox, MI
Shemeika Fox, CA
Kimberly Fraser, WA
Amanda Galindo, MN
Fabian Gammo, MI
Oscar R. Garcia, CA
Holly Gerchen, MO
Elizabeth Good, GA
Sherie Grass, WI
Dan Gray, ON
Jonathan Greene, NJ
Conor Hammons, ID
Eugene Hastings, AZ
Fhonda and Randy Hatmaker, TN
Rodney and Amanda Heard, IN
Jessica Hensley, KS
Lorie Hernandez, KY
Zachary Hicks, WI
Lindey and Eric Hixson, TX
Alma Hodzic, CA
Morshad Hossain, NJ
Sarah Houck, NC
Katherine House, WI
Jordan Hurdal, BC
David Hurley, CA
Cristian Iquia, NY
Tina Jacobson, FL
Richelle Jett, CA
Wayne Jewell, ON
Jeffrey Jimenez, NY
David Johnson, GA
Steven Johnson, TX
Trenton Johnson, TX
Nicole and Kelly John Johnston, BC
Cynthia Joseph, TX
Jerilyn and Don Katherman, PA
Adam Kershaw, OH
Josh Kilpatrick, IL
Zachary Koran, IL
Brooks and Jill Landry, CA
Jazmin LaFramboise, AB
Cheryl Larson, MN
LaToya Latimore, SC
Tai and Tara Le, TX
Viet Le, MN
Patrick Lee, TX
Mark Lemmons, TX
Steven Lewis, NJ
Scott Lineberger, NC
Andrew LoBrace, NJ
Stacy Lynch, TX

Misty Lyons, NC
Gerhardt Mahling, MN
Michele Mamo, OH
Leigh Martinuzzi, QLD
Gary Massa, CA
Russell and Stephanie Mathes, IN
Robert McGuire, PA
Thomas Mcnamara, FL
Sean McRae, ON
Adiam Mehretab, OR and WA
Pradeep Mehta, FL
Hector A. Melara, GA
Edward Milan, GA
Amy Moline, FL
Alex Montagano, IN
Sherri and Wil Montgomery, OK and TX
Jorge Montilla, GA
Chris Moore, AB
Todd and Maria Moore, TX
Heath Moulton, IA
Pierre Nadeau, ON
Jessica Neal, TX
Marti Neff, OH
Joshua Neumann, WI
Dean Newell, FL
Kara Newton, NC
Huy Nguyen, TX
Reilly Nicholls, AB
Anna Oakley, TX
Rod and LaShree Obee, VA
Adam Olsen, TX
Adrienne Overton, TX
Christopher and Victoria Owen, OR
Jamie Parker, GA
Joe Parks, CA
Richard Payne, NS
Daniel Peret, GA
Mary Perham-Nelson, MI
Theautis and Tracy Persons, CA
Jennifer Phillips, TX
Dean Philpott, BC
Vilma Pineda, TX
Lindsay Platzer, CA
Aaron Potter, MO
Hunter Potter, MI
Anpi Poudyal, PA
Tyrone and Kristel Powell, MI
Tara Presser, FL
Aleksandr Pritsker, NJ
Dustin Purtan, OH
Rima Rafeh, CA
Richard Reyes, CA
Colette Reynolds, NV
Robin Rice, CO
Johnny Richardson, NV
Shaun and Jessica Richardson, OH
John Rittenhouse, PA
Kim Roberts, NC
Rachel Rogen, ND and MN
Joseph Rosen, FL
Matthew Rowack, NJ
Jill Russel, OR
Gopal Sahota, BC
Romeo Santos, MD and DC
Michelle Saward, MI
Mark Schmansky, M
Stefanie Schomaker, HI
Randy Sciangula, VA
Mario Daniel Sconza, ON I
Rudy Sedano, TX
Amy Sedgwick, OR
Christopher Seim, WA
Bryan Seredynski, AB
Dean and Kathy Shafer, FL
Ruth Sheahan and Tim Berglind, IL
Brett Shillington, AB
Justin Shokoor, CA
Mitchell Siemens, AB
Sean Slade, CO
Hannah Smith, MN
Ivy Stanton, TX
Victor Steffen, TX
Brenda Stone, VA
Stephanie Stone-Robb, TX
Pamela Strange, OH
Sherry Strohl, SC
Stuart Sutton, TX
Bree Sweet, OR
Christina Swyers, MO
Kamil Szypula, ON
Cory Talaska, WI
Dan and Tanin Teston, FL
Maria Thorn, LA
Decatur Thornton, CA
Peter Trinh, MN
Stephanie Truong, TX
Meharena Tukabo, TX
Joseph Turco, MA
Tammy Tway, CO
Derek Tye, OH
Homer and Rachael Tyre, NC
Jonathan Vasquez, CA
Salvatore Ventre, NJ
Karen Vommaro, FL
Shelly Walters, IN
Corey Welch, MI
Colton Whitney, CA
Suzanne Willis, GA
Marissa Winegarden, MN
Wendy Witt, VA
Kimberly Wojcik, NJ
Gerad Wombles, MO
Jeannette Womble, SC
Kelsey and Andy Wozniak, OH
Andrew Yaggie, MN
Dennis Yakaback, ON
Lee Yousef, AB
Helen Yong, CA
Renee Young, CO
Chuck Yow, MO
Craig Ziegel, IL
Joshua Zippro, UT

The eXp Realty ICON Agent Award provides each qualified ICON with up to $16,000 in publicly traded eXp World Holdings, Inc. common stock upon the achievement of certain production, cultural and event attendance goals. The company’s cap is presently set at $16,000. Through the program, ICONs effectively can earn up to their entire cap amount back in the form of stock. ICON Agent qualification and benefit details are available in the ICON Program Overview


Interested in jump-starting your real estate career? Learn how eXp Realty puts agents first.


These figures are not a guarantee, representation or projection of earnings or profits you can or should expect. They also do not include expenses incurred by Agents in operating their businesses. eXp Realty makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with eXp Realty results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

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