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Miami’s Asael Martinez has been a banking vice president and a Special Operations Army Ranger. His character is without question, which is why he puts a big premium on the companies he works for and why joining eXp Realty was no small matter.

He said eXp’s culture, forward-thinking mindset, training and quick responses for technical needs and brokerage operations support him as a team leader and help every agent he’s in business with.

Asael Martinez says eXp Realty is a perfect match for his entrepreneurial mindset.

“Having the opportunity to be a shareholder at eXp and benefit from the revenue sharing platform is very smart,” said Martinez. “Being entrepreneurial, it was a no-brainer when you really understand the model.”

In 2019, Martinez did 67 transactions for $19 million. He has an office on Lincoln Road in Miami’s South Beach, a favorite playground for America’s rich and famous.

Martinez got a taste of real estate at a young age, buying his first home at age 18 in Lynn, Massachusetts. It was a significant accomplishment for him.

“I came to the United States at age 9 from my native Puerto Rico and my mother and I were homeless for an extended period of time.” 

Martinez Was a Special Ops Army Ranger and a Bank VP

This rough start gave Asael the resilience he needed to succeed in life, working to build a career in banking, then serving in an elite branch of the military and then building a business in real estate, where he joined eXp Realty in April 2020 after working for two other brokerages in Miami. 

“When it comes to changing companies, it’s a big deal for me,” said Martinez. “Because it’s not just about me, it’s about the people that I am in business with, my son who I adopted and is 8 years old now, and my future self.”

Get to know Asael a bit more via a video interview with eXp VP of growth Chris Bear:

Corporate World Wasn’t a Fit for Martinez

Prior to working in real estate, Martinez spent 12 years moving up the ladder in the banking industry, making it to management in record time. But during his corporate rise, he was called to duty and spent four and a half years completing six deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq where he was an Army Ranger in Special Operations. Once his military service ended in 2010, he returned to banking. Over the next five years, he was promoted to vice president at Chase and then, PNC. 

But despite his corporate success, he was unfulfilled. Real estate kept calling to him. So in 2015, he got his license and left the banking industry to become a real estate professional full time. 

“I left a comfortable position to one that is 100% commission,” Martinez says with a laugh. “I just didn’t want to get to retirement and say, ‘I wish I would’ve.’”

Martinez says he would never go back to the corporate world. “Real estate is fun — every day is different,” said Martinez. “Mostly, I love to coach and help other agents. I love helping buyers and sellers. Coming from a place of curiosity, I take it to a higher level.”

Asael Martinez was an Army Ranger in Special Operations where he served six deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Martinez’s career in the military and banking exemplifies his desire to constantly push forward. But he says his experience in Afghanistan was life-changing. 

“It opened my eyes to the world more, especially when I met Afghan families living in remote parts of the country,” he said. “I hold everything in a different perspective and it really humbles you to appreciate the simplest things in life, such as having fresh water, having dinner with family and taking a hot shower.”

eXp’s reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak was also an eye-opener. 

“I saw that eXp was certainly built to sustain times like this — we didn’t skip a beat,” said Martinez. “While everyone else was doing their best to adjust, in some cases (brokerages) completely stopped.

“I have big goals for myself, the business, and I feel at home with eXp. I know that all the goals that I have set for myself I will get them accomplished here.”

Oh we know you will, Asael. We know you will.


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