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eXp Realty ICON agents may 2023

eXp World Holdings (Nasdaq: EXPI), the holding company for eXp Realty, the fastest-growing residential and commercial real estate companies in the world, announced that 176 agents – 156 in the U.S., 16 in Canada, two in the United Kingdom, and one each in Australia and Puerto Rico – were honored as eXp Realty ICON agents for May 2023. 

The eXp Realty ICON Agent Award is reserved for agents who achieve exceptional production goals and positively impact company culture. This honor signals that these agents are leaders in their field and serve as examples to their colleagues by upholding the core values of eXp Realty.

eXp Realty ICON Agents for May 2023 

Mylin Anandula TX
Jenifer Parry Mathis and Danny Mathis AL
Siyin Qu and Pibin Teng MA
Olga Mayayeva and Semen Ilizarov NY
Crystal Sisler and Shawn Bedel CO
Jessica Tammaro and Tyler Horner TN
Brigitte and Derrek Anderson NV
Mike Aqrawi CA
Courtney Atkinson AB
Bryan and Lorie Anne Auer CA
Vinod Bansal ON
Matthew Beaver TX
Catherine and David Bergfelder FL
Steven Betancurth NJ
Steven Billington FL
George and Paige Boykin SC
Jennifer Briseno CO
Landon Buesching IN
Danny Burgess CA
Dennis Carcel NJ
Jonathan and Rachael Carroll FL
Amanda Carter OH
Eddie Castillo AB
Joseph Castillo CA
Zachary Cates AZ
Dean Clark NJ
Alisha Collins WY
James Cooke FL
Laura Cooper TX
Jordan Cowles VA
Jacob Crawford NV
Chase Cromwell CA
Jeremy Cupp AR
Steven Custer NC
Fadi Dabaja MI
Gene Darden AL
Mark Davis CO
Joseph Dedekind VA
Peter Deininger CO
Mercedes Dockery NC
Jawahar Dodani AZ
Derek Donatelli PA
Elise Dorion MN
Chris Dorner VA
Lori Drapeau Rogers NC
Blair Engberg ND
Hadley Faught NV
Josh Finigan NC
Iean Finley IL
Ian and Andrea Finn PA
Brandy Ford OK
Sebastiano and Windy Formica TX
Gregory Foster TX
Matthew Freedman ME
Jennifer Fulton TX
Gilbert Gallegos NM
Steven Garza TX
Bradley Gilboe CA
Amit Goel BC
Charles Gollop MN
Ashley Goodroe GA
Jamie Green NS
Jessica and Adam Greene OK
Gusty Gulas AL
Lisa Guzman TX
Travis Halbrook GA
Jack and Dana Hamilton NC
Brittany Hampton HI
Felicity Harden AUS
Ali Harper UK
Karin Head NC
Sonya Hickman FL
Harriet Hinson GA
Debbi Hoang-Tran TX
Denise Hodgins BC
Evelyn Holmes WA
Wilson Hon ON
Kay Houghton VA
Daniel Houx TX
Summer Hudson IN
Tom Hyde NC
Christine Ives Polizzi PA
Amy Izzo IN
Dawn Jenkins AL
Clifton Johnson TX
Justyna and Jeffry Johnson MN
Sonia Johnson MA
Tijana Jones ND

Zackary and Morgan Jones MI
Felice Katz-Bobo AZ
Benjamin Kessie VA
Leandra King FL
Teresa Kohl IN
Christa Kohler FL
Zachary Kuch MI
Sean Kundra SK
Sharon Kushner NY
Lee Lamont TX
Pam Landzhev GA
Brandon Lape FL
Kerri Lawless LA
Don Lawyer TX
Alicia LeDoux NM
Tara and Peter Levinson OK
Kelvin (Xiaofeng) Lin CA
Gilbert Ramos and Lorena Cardama FL
William Lowery OH
Benjamin Magsig MI
Sanjeev Malik FL
Martin Marquez Jr. CA
Charles Mcclellan CO
Kimberly Meeker CA
Amy Mitchell FL
Andy Mitri KY
Ceila Morales FL
Micheall Moreno TX
Frances Mouser CA
Cassandra Mueller AZ
David Huy Nguyen TX
Megan Niles CO
Jason Northcutt TX
Tay Olson AB
Sam Patel AB
Rachel Peterson GA
Tara Phillips TX
Daphne Pinkney IL
Josue Polo FL
Carlos Puckerin TX
Kathryn Rahn GA
Larry Rascazzi ON
Nicholas Rau PA
Gregory Reitz CA
Ken Rigel AB
David Robbio ON
Mike Rolewicz FL
Jeffrey Rose NM
Lauren Rosin AZ
Tony Ruby UK
Della Runnels OK
Melody Russell CA
Ernest Salinas CA
Jazmen and Jamin Sampson NC
Endy Santos Rojas PA
Anibal Sanz Madera Puerto Rico
Dmitriy Selektor MI
Dusty Shipp NV
Patrick and Jessica Sholl TN
Jeffrey Sibbach AZ
Jacob Smith MN
Sheila St Germain NC
Jina and Brian St James CO
Joseph Symonette WA
Brian Tienken OR
Andrea Tiopo MB
Jerry Tomlin TX
Madison Twose ON
Marcela Ubfal FL
Ariel and Joanne Vargas FL
Mark Verzyl AB
Carlos Villagomez ID
Melanie Voss KS
Cynthia Wadsworth PA
Andrew Philip Warburton CA
Jonna Weber ID
Kyle Whissel CA
Marsee Wilhems AZ
Karen Wilkinson NJ
LaKeisha Willingham TX
Trent Wood IN
Jeramie and Kelly Worley MO
Lisa Wunder AZ
Erica Yoon HI
John Yorke MI
Melissa and Darren Yost SC
David Zajdzinski AZ

The eXp Realty ICON Agent Award provides each qualified ICON with up to $16,000 in publicly traded eXp World Holdings, Inc. common stock upon the achievement of certain production, cultural and event attendance goals. The company’s cap is presently set at $16,000. Through the program, ICONs effectively can earn up to their entire cap amount back in the form of stock. ICON Agent qualification and benefit details are available in the ICON Program Overview


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These figures are not a guarantee, representation or projection of earnings or profits you can or should expect. They also do not include expenses incurred by Agents in operating their businesses. eXp Realty makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with eXp Realty results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

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