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Ige Johnson exp realty

Houston’s Ige Johnson sold her RE/MAX franchise, ready to make a change. After looking at different brokerages, she chose eXp Realty because she couldn’t “unsee the model.”

“I was in a mastermind with my friend Terrence Murphy and when he made the move (to eXp), it piqued my interest. I watched him. Then, I saw it and understood the model, and I couldn’t unsee the life-changing opportunity.”

The Ige Johnson Group had $93,625,586 in closed sales on 397 units in 2021. 

“I believe that eXp is the company that will take me – and my team – to the next level. With eXp’s global reach, innovative technology, and values-based culture, I’m confident that we’ll be able to achieve our goals and make a real impact in the industry and beyond.”

Ige Johnson Also Has a Beauty Spa, Development Company and Women-Centered Network

Some people are born ready to take on the world and make it a better place and Houston’s Ige Johnson is certainly one of them. Early in Ige’s (pronounced “ee-JAH”) life, she worked as a Montessori teacher before shifting to become a loan officer and then a real estate agent, joining a small brokerage and working as an agent for nine years before getting her broker’s license.

In 2015, she signed a franchise agreement with RE/MAX where she went on to win numerous awards, including induction into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame for earning more than $1 million in commissions in her career.

Never one to stop growing and moving forward, Ige opened Glo Beauty Bar & Suites (named after her grandmother) just eight months after starting her RE/MAX franchise and she is set to open another one. Ige also has a building development business, Dynasty Partners and lastly, she started “Women on the Move TX,” which is a nonprofit where entrepreneurs mentor and help other women on their journey. In August 2022, she proudly joined eXp Realty.

“I told my assistant yesterday, ‘Is this my new life? I’m having too much fun!’ The freedom, the innovativeness of it all. Being in the industry for 17+ years, you see it one way for so long and it gets stale. When something new comes, you can see everything that was missing.”

Ige plans on letting her team run the production side of the Ige Johnson Group and through her love of travel, she plans on growing her organization around the world.

“It’s refreshing to cross over to this side. It’s exciting for me and all the people who believe in me and who I lead in this industry. It’s not just a “for me” move. I was looking for a win for the whole team.”

Key Stats for Ige Johnson:

  • Ige Johnson Group production in 2021: $93,625,586 closed sales on 397 units. 
  • Production for the past 12 months: $46,794,704 closed sales on 243 units.
  • Inman Innovator of the Year Finalist in 2022.
  • Member of RE/MAX Hall of Fame for earning more than $1 million in commissions during the course of her career.
  • RE/MAX broker-owner of the Year, 2020.  
  • RE/MAX Awards: Platinum Club Team 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.
  • RE/MAX Top 500 in the State of Texas 2017-2022.
  • RE/MAX of Texas Rookie Franchise Office of the Year, 2016.

“In a world that’s constantly changing, especially with unavoidable events like the global pandemic, we need innovative, forward-thinking real estate companies and professionals. Rapid changes in social media and other online platforms now give me the opportunity to connect to a global audience, both in life and in business. As an entrepreneur, world traveler, and real estate professional, it has become evident to me over the last few years that my approach to real estate must no longer be limited by geographical restrictions. 

“eXp provides me with the opportunity to take The Ige Johnson brand global because I want my mission for diverse, transformative leadership to go global as well. Over the last few years, my core values have shifted and morphed to a place where I want to give more people a seat at the table – globally.” 


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