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The final day of eXpcon International’s three-day conference in Lisbon, Portugal concluded with a series of insightful panels, heartfelt success stories and the always-anticipated awards ceremony. Thomas Stevanato from Italy and Rita Temudo from Portugal co-hosted the final day.

The country leaders of eXp Realty: From left, Adam Day (UK), Samuel Caux (France), Dounia Fadi (Dubai), Olga Marciniak (Poland), Felix Bravo (VP of Global Growth), Denis Andrian (Italy), Joaquin Nuevo (Spain), Ilaria Profumi (Director of Global Growth) and Guilherme Grossman (Portugal).

Panel: Mastering Social Media and Personal Branding

Noor Marzook, VP of Global Marketing and Communications, moderated a panel featuring eXp Realty expert agents Mark Buchanan (UK), Majida Housni (Dubai), and Alexis Valladares (U.S.). The discussion focused on how mastering social media and personal branding has been a game-changer, significantly boosting their careers and business success.

From left: Noor Marzook, Majida Housni, Mark Buchanan and Alexis Valladares.

The panelists shared insights into the most engaging types of content for their audiences and how they skillfully balance professional expertise with personal storytelling. They offered practical tips and strategies for real estate professionals aiming to rapidly grow their social media following and enhance their digital presence.

Monica Rodriguez Garcia Shared Her Success Story

Next, eXp Realty luxury agent Monica Rodriguez Garcia of Puerto Rico shared her story of how she entered the real estate industry and became a success thanks to her perseverance and innovation. She has over two decades of experience in banking and real estate and brings a wealth of expertise as a loan officer, underwriter and real estate professional.

Panel: Strategies for Securing New Real Estate Developments

Securing business with real estate developers is a highly sought-after topic among agents due to its lucrative yet limited opportunities. 

Ilaria Profumi, Regional Growth Director for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEIA), moderated a panel on securing new real estate developments featuring Jose Manuel Furtado and Eduardo Hernandez from Mexico, along with Jason P. Jordan and Claudia M. Serna from the U.S.

They shared their success stories on identifying and acquiring prime real estate development opportunities, offering insights into market analysis, negotiation tactics, and the critical steps necessary for successful property development.

From left: Chief Growth Officer Michael Valdes, France country leader Samuel Caux and eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman, Glenn Sanford.

Panel: Luxury Unveiled: Unlocking Opportunities in High-End Real Estate

In this panel, top eXp real estate agents specializing in the luxury sector worldwide unveiled their secrets to success. Moderated by eXp Realty Luxury agent Leesa Booyzen (Portugal), the panel featured Melanie Attwater (UK), Audree Mevellec (France), Sachin Taneja (India), and Severo Villa (Spain). 

From left: Leesa Booyzen, Audrey Mevellec, Severo Villa, Melanie Attwater and Sachin Taneja.

These luxury agents shared exclusive insights into the unique challenges and tremendous opportunities within the luxury real estate market. They discussed strategies for marketing and selling high-end properties, understanding the needs of affluent clients, and building a prestigious brand.

ICON/Top Agents: Mastering Real Estate Success

In this panel, some of eXp Realty’s top international producers shared their strategies and experiences that have led them to exceptional success. They shared the habits, techniques, and innovative approaches that have propelled them to the top of the industry. 

Denise Williams (Dubai), moderated a panel which included Nuno Batista (Portugal), Shashank Chauhan (India) and Mehdi Irbad and Arnaud Motreff (France). 

From left: Denise Williams, Nuno Batista, Mehdi Irbad, Arnaud Motreff and Shashank Chauhan.

Awards: Humanitarian, Social Media, Rookies and Best Dressed 

Yesterday, awards were presented for Top Agents and Top Teams and in this final general session, awards were presented for Rookies of the Year, Humanitarian of the Year, Social Media experts and Best-Dressed at the Gala.

Chief Growth Officer Michael Valdes, VP of Global Operations Meghan Kelley and VP of Global Growth Felix Bravo presented the awards.

There was no shortage of enthusiasm as the final day of eXpcon International wrapped up in Lisbon, Portugal.

Humanitarian of the Year – Misty Schults from South Africa was named Humanitarian of the Year for her outstanding dedication to volunteerism and philanthropy. Known for her professional achievements and deep commitment to making a positive impact, Misty tirelessly raises funds and supports numerous nonprofit organizations. Her active participation in various charitable events and initiatives showcases her passion for helping others and her selfless contributions embody the true spirit of compassion and community service.

Best Social Media in Real Estate – Vane Monroe from Mexico was recognized for having the Best Social Media in Real Estate. Vane has garnered international acclaim as the creator of the No. 1 Spanish-speaking Real Estate Marketing channel on YouTube. But her impact doesn’t stop there. As the founder of the Cracks Inmobiliarios Academy, she has empowered over 1,000 real estate agents with the skills needed to scale their businesses through innovative marketing strategies.

Her best-selling book, “30 Seconds $38K USD: Grow Your Real Estate Business with Social Media,” has been a game-changer, helping countless professionals enhance their online presence and drive sales.

As a dynamic international speaker, she continues to inspire and educate real estate professionals worldwide, sharing her wealth of knowledge and passion for the industry.

Rookies of the Year – South Africa’s Cara Spies was named Rookie of the Year by Sides with a total of 47 transactions in 2023 — her first year with eXp. She began her career in public relations and marketing management and launched her real estate career in early 2019. With a true passion for her work, she combines her exceptional organizational skills with a proactive and forward-thinking approach. Her diligence, optimism, and professionalism ensure she consistently meets high standards, delivering exceptional quality service to all her clients. 

Daniel Archer of the UK was named Rookie of the Year for Volume. Daniel completed a total of $18.4 million in sales in his first year with eXp

Antonella Bonatti (left) and Ilaria Profumi, Director of Global Growth at eXp. Antonella was awarded “Best Dressed” at the eXp Gala on Wednesday night.

Best Dressed Award – This award went to the person who was voted as “best dressed” during the eXp Gala, which was promoted as a “fashion-forward” evening.  And while outfits were nothing short of spectacular, one outfit stood out among the rest. This person truly embraced the spirit of the night with a look that was not only stylish but also full of personality and flair.

The award for Best Dressed went to Italy’s Antonella Bonatti. For this honor, Antonella won a free ticket to eXpcon Miami, being held Oct. 27-30.

“To all our honorees throughout the event, congratulations once again — you are truly deserving of the recognition you have received,” said Michael Valdes.

“As we look ahead, let us carry forward the spirit of innovation and collaboration that we have witnessed here today. Together, we can continue to drive growth and achieve new heights of success.”


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