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Elizabeth Riley expcon international

Day 2 of eXpcon International in Lisbon was packed with excitement and inspiration. The event, being held June 4-6, kicked off with Guilherme Grossman, leader of eXp Portugal, welcoming attendees to the first general session. He encouraged everyone to take full advantage of the networking opportunities and meet new colleagues from across the globe.

Following the Welcome to Portugal video, Alex Buchanan (UK) and Vanessa Lopes (Portugal) took over as emcees, announcing that agents from 16 countries where eXp Realty offers brokerage services were in attendance. The stage was then set for Glenn Sanford, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of eXp World Holdings.

“As I look around the room today, I can’t help but think about the incredible international growth we’ve experienced in the last four years, opening 20 markets … without ever setting foot on a plane,” said Glenn. “Having started with 51 international agents in 2019 upon the launch of eXp Global, I’m thrilled to share that today we now have over 4,800 expert agents representing us outside North America and are well on our way to our goal of 6,500 in 2024. And that is just the start. The best is truly yet to come.”

Glenn introduced new executive team promotions, including Leo Pareja as CEO; Wendy Forsythe as CMO; Renée Kaspar as CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) and Felix Bravo as Vice President of Global Growth

Leo Pareja Announces Global Referral Platform

Leo Pareja was installed as the new CEO of eXp Realty on April 5 and is already making improvements and rolling out agent-centric initiatives. First, he announced a major update to the revenue share program, called REVShare 2.0.

“In 2009, we shook up the real estate industry when we first created the revenue share business model. The earnings potential and collaboration between agents that revenue share created had never been experienced before – and has since been copied.”

eXp Realty CEO Leo Pareja announces Global Agent Referral Program.

He described the new and improved program as an enhanced approach to calculating revenue share payouts, with lowered criteria for Front Line Qualifying Agents in levels 2-6, putting more money in agents’ pockets. 

Next, he announced the Global Agent Referral Platform – a significant enhancement to the Agent Referral Portal, which will connect eXp agents internationally across 24 markets. 

“We are thrilled to offer a tool that leverages the depth of our worldwide network and revolutionizes how our agents connect and collaborate. This is paving the way for smoother transactions and enhanced client experiences,” Leo said.

Additionally, Leo highlighted:

  • KGCI Real Estate on Air, the first 24/7 streaming real estate radio station, featuring eXp agents such as South Africa’s Stuart Hyslop and Australia’s Lisa Brown. 
  • Agent Learning Paths, available in 13 of 22 international markets, with the final roll out to all countries expected by the end of this year. 
  • FastCap, eXp’s new productivity bootcamp for emerging agents. In addition to North America, this pilot will be launching in three of eXp’s international countries, South Africa, Dubai and India, with the expectation to roll out to our other markets shortly thereafter. 

Michael Valdes Gives Global Overview

eXp Realty Chief Growth Officer Michael Valdes gave an overview of eXp’s global expansion along with highlights about the international growth eXp is experiencing. He was joined onstage by Meghan Kelley, VP of Global Operations and Felix Bravo, VP of Global Growth.

Leo Pareja Leads the eXp State of the Union Address

Leo Pareja, Michael Valdes and Wendy Forsythe returned to the stage to deliver the eXp State of the Union address. The session was filled with vital insights into eXp Realty’s successes, challenges, and opportunities ahead. The three executives then took questions from the audience in a live Q&A. 

From left, eXp Realty CEO Leo Pareja, CGO Michael Valdes and CMO Wendy Forsythe.

“eXp 2.0 is purely by design,” said Leo. “It’s a bottoms-up company that experiences consistent hypergrowth. We’re the fastest, most scalable, largest monolithic brokerage on the planet by agents and transactions.”

Peggie Pelosi Presents Clare Hughes With Woman of Influence Award

eXp World Holdings Board Director Peggie Pelosi took the stage to present the UK’s Clare Hughes with the “2023 Woman of Influence” award, which celebrates outstanding women who have made significant contributions to their industry.

Clare has over 20 years of experience in the residential property sector, with a particular focus on East London. In 2020, she launched her own business. She is also a passionate advocate for women in her field, evidenced by her founding of the Women in Estate Agency Group and Podcast. This platform has become an invaluable resource and community for women looking to thrive in the estate agency profession across the UK.

“This award means a lot to me because it is about more than just me. It recognizes the hard work and dedication I have put into my career as an estate agent, as well as my efforts in promoting diversity and empowerment for women in this industry. It is a great honor to be recognized among such accomplished individuals.”

Awards Presented for Top Agents and Top Teams

The session closed with Michael Valdes, Meghan Kelley and Felix Bravo presenting awards to the eXp Realty International agents for their outstanding production numbers in 2023. They were:

  • Top Agents by Units: Mark Buchanan (UK) with 157 units
  • Top Agents by Volume: Amie Brooks (UK) with $39.7 million
  • Top Teams by Volume: Luxury By Blue Real Estate Team (France) with $41.6 million
  • Top Teams by Units: NRG (South Africa) with 156 units

Panel Discussion: Global Horizons – Exploring International Opportunities

Chief Growth Officer Michael Valdes led a panel discussion about the complexities and endless opportunities in the international real estate market and was joined by Lynnette Sacchetto (Dubai), Nathaly Salas (U.S.), João Soares (Portugal) and Santiago Vanegas from Habitat Group, an event sponsor. 

Chief Growth Officer Michael Valdes (center) moderates the panel on “Exploring International Opportunities.”

They discussed emerging trends, strategies for cross-border transactions, and how to navigate the complexities of global real estate. 

Chris Abraham Shared His Enthusiasm for eXp

Chris Abraham, one of eXp Realty’s top UK agents, took the stage and shared his inspirational story of how independence and flexibility led him to choose eXp Realty and become a leading top producer. 

Chris took second place as the top agent for both units and sales volume in 2023. 

Panel: Unlocking the Future: AI Innovations Revolutionizing Real Estate

CMO Wendy Forsythe led a panel discussion with Romain Bezzina (France), Denis Scvortov (Dubai) and Carrie Soave (Canada) on how AI is reshaping the real estate landscape, making processes smoother, predictions sharper, and client services even better. 

From left, Denis Scvortov, Romain Bezzina, Carrie Soave and Wendy Forsythe.

The panel spoke about the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the real estate industry and shared AI’s cutting-edge tools and technologies that are changing lead generation, client interactions, and market analysis. 

Final Talk: Mentality of a Top Producer

eXp agent Alexis Valladares (U.S.) was the final speaker during the morning general session and delivered a Ted-style talk about his mentality as a top producer.

Alexis Valladares

He is recognized for his exceptional achievements, including selling over $100 million in luxury properties and ranking in the top 1% of Realtors nationwide. As the founder of the Valladares Real Estate Academy, he is also a leading trainer, dedicated to helping real estate agents grow their business and elevate their careers. 

Afternoon General Session: Panels, Keynotes and Big Announcement

Italy exp Realty agents Samuele Mardegan and Antonella Bonatti served as the emcees for the afternoon general session. 

Panel: Lead Generation: Power Strategies for Success

The UK’s Chris Abraham moderated a panel discussion about lead generation with Christophe Chomton (France), Armando Sacco (Italy) and Carlos Matias, the Founder & CEO, of PropTech Solutions, an eXp sponsor.

Chris Abraham moderates a panel on Power Strategies for Success.

They shared their most effective techniques for generating high-quality leads, including their innovative approaches, digital marketing tactics, and proven methods to attract and convert potential clients.

Elizabeth Riley Delivers the Keynote

Elizabeth Riley, a 9-time ICON agent from Austin, Texas, delivered the keynote, “Thriving Leadership: Nurturing Growth Mindsets.” 

Elizabeth Riley

Elizabeth is an industry legend and has 20 years of incredible success in the real estate business. With her down-home personality, she charmed the audience with her insight into how she wakes up every day to inspire those around her. 

Panel: Top Team Leaders: Building High-Performance Teams

To conclude the day, a panel of top team leaders gathered to talk about building high-performance teams. Canada’s Jennifer Jones moderated a panel including India’s Shashank Chauhan (India), Cliff Freeman (U.S.), Oscar Teran (U.S.) and Scott Perez (France). 

Panelists talk about building high performance teams.

Inspiring Stories From Alexandre Segues

Alexandre Segues

Alexandre Segues of France closed out the day with his unique story of achieving remarkable success through creativity and the ability to set himself apart. 

eXp Gala Lights Up the Night

After a day of thought-provoking panelists, talks and an energizing keynote, the evening was electrified by the eXp Gala, which was a fashion-forward affair. The best-dressed attendee would win a free ticket to the next eXpcon event in Miami, Florida, Oct. 27-30

Hors d’oeuvres were served and music kept everyone on their feet well into the night. Stay tuned for the final day of eXpcon International!


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