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During a special breakout session on the first day of EXPCON 2022 being held in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Jim Huang, President of eXp Commercial, opened the session introducing the eXp Commercial team. He also introduced some top commercial agents to share all the ways in which eXp Commercial is giving brokers more — more tools, more technology, more resources and more opportunities.

“We want to help everyone here grow.” said Huang. “The market is changing and it’s important to diversify your offerings.”

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eXp Commercial has a designated broker in every state and currently, 700 commercial agents. Robert Creamer, a Texas-based eXp Commercial agent, shared his story and why he loves commercial real estate saying, “eXp is not a franchise. That means you can do business across state lines by partnering with other eXp agents, opening the door for referral fees and other opportunities.” 

Revenue opportunities and earning potential in commercial real estate are endless with the right support. The session discussed how eXp Commercial was dedicating itself to offering more ways to grow, network and ultimately succeed with new training courses and mentoring opportunities. 

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In today’s ever-changing world, especially recently with the market shift, this is the time to lean into further education, training opportunities and diversification of offerings. 

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