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eXp Realty is gearing up once again to host its highly anticipated Regional Rallies across the United States. Following the resounding success of last November’s rallies, which saw over 6,000 eXp Realty agents participating in 26 events nationwide, eXp is poised to recreate the excitement again this April.

Starting April 8, local eXp Realty agents will be hosting rallies in 20 locations across the country. Details about the specific locations can be found here.

“These regional rallies are so important because they provide motivation and recognition for the everyday agent as well as seasoned pros,” said Alexis Hughes, North Carolina Regional Rally Agent Advisory Council member. “After these rallies, our agents feel a sense of community, collaboration, and camaraderie that they didn’t feel before attending the event. You couple that with the contagious energy and motivation that an agent leaves with after the event and you’ve got an unforgettable experience. 

“The best part is the numerous locations of the rallies, making them very accessible by agents across the country. They are packed full of information and knowledge from ICON agents and leadership that agents wouldn’t typically hear from. Seeing them in person is icing on the cake.”

One of the standout features of Regional Rallies is their inspiring, inclusive nature. They serve as a platform to recognize and celebrate milestones achieved by eXp Realty agents at various stages of their careers. From rookie rockstars who have just closed their first sale to seasoned professionals who have reached the prestigious ICON status, every achievement is acknowledged and applauded. An additional benefit is that currently, this is the only other in-person cultural event where agents can earn Event Attendance Stock Credit toward the ICON program besides eXpcon. 

For a nominal fee of $39 for Early Bird tickets before March 1, attendees can look forward to a day filled with networking opportunities, inspirational speakers, and recognition of fellow eXp agents’ achievements. Additionally, food and refreshments will be provided.

The genesis of Regional Rallies can be traced back to a grassroots initiative pioneered by eXp Realty Nashville agents Jay and Ashley Nelson in March 2023. Recognizing the immense value of such gatherings, they proposed the idea to eXp Realty leadership, who quickly embraced it and extended the concept nationwide. Since then, these rallies have become an integral part of eXp Realty’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of its agents.


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