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New story reaches goal

We did it! The goal of raising $600,000 to build 100 new homes in Mexico has been realized in a fundraising effort initiated last May through a joint effort between eXp Realty and international nonprofit New Story. With this huge goal realized, the Ocuituco community in the Morelos state of Mexico will have homes again after thousands were damaged or destroyed by a devastating 7.1-magnitude earthquake in 2017. (Read the press release here.)

The contributions for the eXp fundraising effort came through generous donations from eXp’s agents and staff as well as a personal matching donation of $300,000 from eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman Glenn Sanford. 

“I am so proud of our eXp Realty agents, brokers and staff for their generosity and support of this life-changing initiative,” Sanford said. “It is rewarding to see the impact of our efforts to provide housing that will transform this community.”

Driving to the goal’s conclusion was a single donation of just over $22,000 – the largest donation in the effort outside of Glenn’s massive contribution – donated by eXp Realty agent Jessica Nieto and her wife, Roberta Nieto of California. Jessica and Roberta personally donated their own funds for the majority of it, plus Jessica solicited contributions from her eXp Realty team of agents, vendors, friends, family, and investors.

“We are so blessed and wanted to give it back,” said Jessica. “We are so proud of what New Story is doing and wanted to support them in a big way to know that we are contributing to something that is making a huge difference on earth and for humanity. Now the real work continues – to create more sustainable housing for families all over the world so they can provide housing for their children and help them realize their dreams.”

Recipients of the New Homes Make About $150 a Month

Ocuituco is a municipality in the Eastern part of the state of Morelos and was one of the most affected states in Mexico during the September 2017 earthquake, partially damaging 2,157 homes and destroying 1,460. The city of Ocuituco identified the most vulnerable 85 families who were affected by the earthquake to build them new homes. Their average income is 3,000 pesos, which is equivalent to about $150 per month. 

“New Story is honored to partner with eXp Realty,” said Brett Hagler, Founder and CEO of New Story. “Their commitment to excellence and innovation perfectly mirror our DNA as an organization, and their generosity will now empower hundreds of people with the life-changing gift of a forever home.”

eXp’s commitment to Mexico is reflected in opening brokerage operations in Mexico in November 2020. It was eXp’s first Spanish-language country in its global expansion and the perfect fit for eXp’s community-based culture.

A Look at Living Arrangements After the Earthquake

Since the earthquake, families were living in subhuman conditions with cobbled-together material for walls and a roof. Here are some photos showing their living conditions:

New Homes Built Thanks to eXp’s Generous Agents and Staff

Below are photos of the new homes that are being built for this community, thanks to the dedicated fundraising effort on behalf of eXp Realty agents and staff:

The smiles on the faces of the children tells the story.

Salustia Rivas Anzures and his family.

One family who benefited from the eXp Realty-New Story partnership is the Salustia Rivas Anzures family. “We never thought we would have a home like this one,” said Salustia, whose family includes his son, Ricardo. They work agriculture jobs with variable income that fully depend on demand and supplement with odd jobs. 

And now, construction is complete in the Ocuitulco community and families have moved in to enjoy the safety of their new homes.


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