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Watch out, world – here comes eXp!

First, international real estate superstar Michael Valdes was installed in May 2020 to lead international expansion for eXp Realty and now comes the launch of eXp Global, which is eXp’s cornerstone of growth into the international real estate market. 

“We are in the perfect situation to build this,” said Valdes, President of eXp Global. “eXp’s leaders had a vision and created an ingenious cloud-based real estate platform where expansion can be seamless. Plus, everyone is home listening and the hunger is building for this opportunity. We couldn’t be more excited.”

Currently, eXp has a footprint 20 different locations, including Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia and continues to expand. Valdes says the bigger goal is to continue to open in countries across the globe so the international real estate community can benefit from eXp’s unique business model of world-class tools and a generous compensation structure.

Michael Valdes,
President, eXp Global

“The model will change slightly depending on the country,” said Valdes. “Our intent is to keep the same integrity of the business model that eXp has in the U.S. with some variations.”

Valdes is aggressively building his international team to help set up eXp businesses in countries and establish brokers of record as well as come up with solutions that mirror eXp’s U.S. successes.

Each country will have an extensive training program to onboard new agents and each country will also develop similar education and training platforms using the country’s native language.

“We are currently creating Spanish-speaking programs,” said Valdes, who is the Chair of the Asian Real Estate Association of America Global Advisory Board (AREAA), co-host of the 2020 AREAA Global Luxury Summit and a member of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals Corporate Board of Governors.

eXp’s expansion into the international market will add to eXp’s current agent count of 85,000+ agents. 

To learn more about eXp Global, click here.


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