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eXp Realty agent Carrie Soave is part of the eXp Elevate Coaching program, a premium coaching platform designed to drive business growth and professional development for eXp Realty agents across the United States and Canada.

Carrie’s Coaching Niche: Leveraging AI

Carrie will teach a six-week course on how to use artificial intelligence (AI) for any niche to help scale your business.

What Is Leveraging AI? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like having a super-smart assistant that can help with all sorts of tasks. Smart use of it can make our lives more efficient – especially for real estate agents. 

eXp Realty agent Carrie Soave is a renowned AI coach. In this course, she will teach AI solutions to agents and teams regardless of experience, niche, and tech comfort.  She will show how to easily and successfully leverage AI in business to streamline systems and generate more sales. 

This program introduces AI-driven strategies that will save agents time and money, generate leads, and close deals. This course is a roadmap to becoming an AI-enabled agent who stands out and succeeds.

3 Benefits of Leveraging AI:

  • Learn how to use AI to cut costs, save time, and supercharge your business
  • Learn a comprehensive approach to integrating social media, email marketing and AI systems 
  • Learn about workflows, templates, AI tools, and tutorials for enhanced efficiency and ease in your business endeavors.

👉 Click here to learn more about the “Leveraging AI” course outline, cost and date/time.

Learn More About Carrie Soave

Carrie Soave has been a Realtor® for 14 years and trades in residential and commercial. Her entire business is AI-powered. 

She is the AI expert for the real estate industry and provides AI consulting services to several mega teams and brokerages, helping them implement AI into their entire business.

She has been officially ranked in the Top 10 Realtor® on social media in Hamilton and all of Ontario for the last 8 years and shares her successful social media and AI blueprint with Realtor® through her coaching program “The AI-Powered Real Estate Influencer.”

She is also the host of the original podcast “Everything They Never Told You About Real Estate-Industry Secrets Exposed” on KGCI Real Estate on Air.

  • Joined eXp Realty in July 2021
  • Serves as an AI consultant to eXp Realty
  • Coach of the “AI-Powered Realtor’s Playbook
  • Top 100 Ontario Real Estate Agents On Social Media by PropertySpark
  • Top 20 Hamilton Real Estate Agents On Social Media by PropertySpark
  • Headlining the “AI Revolution Conference ” for the real estate industry in Niagara Falls, Ontario on Sept. 26-27 


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