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lance klusener

eXp South Africa just added one of its country’s most celebrated sports stars to its roster of agents – Lance Klusener, considered to be one of the best “all-rounder” cricket players in the world, who can bat, bowl and field.

Lance Klusener

While Klusener’s playing days are over, he is now coaching the Afghanistan cricket team from India and Dubai — safer locations than the current military and political challenges happening in Kabul. And now he is adding another skill to his arsenal — eXp Realty agent.

Between South Africa and India, where eXp Realty has established brokerage operations and two countries Klusener is equally entrenched in, it’s a perfect match.

“India is my second home,” said Klusener. “I think it’s an opportunity for me to grab some attention in South Africa and India to help eXp grow.”

With sports being a great connector of the world, Klusener hopes his success with eXp will come from his competitiveness and leadership he gained through his years of playing cricket internationally.

“The sport of cricket is an absolute religion in India,” said Klusener. “I think people live cricket before they live work … before they have breakfast in the morning.”

Klusener’s Cricket Connections Will Extend His Reach Globally

Andrew Thompson, Designated Managing Broker in South Africa said cricket and sports are perfect pathways to help transform South Africa’s real estate industry, helping to attract new talent and consumers to eXp.

“eXp could be a great opening for others to find opportunity,” said Thompson. “Especially through interactions Lance has with people — not only through cricket, but also sports here in South Africa and around the world,” said Thompson. 

South Africa’s Lance Klusener is considered to be one of the world’s best “all-around” cricket players. He is no longer playing but coaching, and now, he has joined eXp South Africa.

Klusener is a legendary cricketer in South Africa where he spent 8 years playing internationally and is most well-known for his all-out performance in the 1999 Cricket World Cup. Despite his incredible numbers and intense play throughout the tournament, South Africa fell short in the semifinals, losing a close match to Australia. Despite this, Klusener was named Player of the Series.

Klusener Is Known By the Nickname ‘Zulu’

Klusener grew up on a sugar cane plantation on the east coast of South Africa where he learned Zulu – a tribal language that is extremely difficult to learn and why a fellow cricketer nicknamed him “Zulu.” 

But it’s Lance’s global brand that will attract other agents and help grow eXp’s name and footprint in South Africa, India and other countries planned for expansion by eXp.

“Lance is a legendary brand in his own way and is one of my personal all-time heroes,” said Thompson. “His mindset, leadership and sports-loving followers will recognize him as a talent to be associated with. It’s really a great privilege to have such a sporting great in our midst, part of the family and community.”

Thompson adds that to help support the transformation of South Africa, .5% of South Africa’s agents’ income will go towards helping socially responsible programs that support communities in the form of sport, education, training and real estate. The goal is to give all young people in South Africa a better opportunity through the unique ways of selling and earning through eXp South Africa and its disruptive technology. 


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