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Jerry Anderson, a heavyweight in the commercial real estate business with a distinguished 50-year career at the very top of the industry, has joined eXp Commercial and will be based on the east coast of Central Florida.

This announcement is seismic in the commercial real estate space and lays the groundwork for Jerry to join two other significant leaders who are already with eXp Commercial – Jeff Finn and Fred Schmidt – in helping to shape the direction of the division working with President of eXp Commercial, James Huang as Corporate Advisors.

“I am excited about the opportunity to work with people that I respect in the industry,” said Jerry. “Also, I like the idea of mentoring people who would never have the opportunity to receive the depth of experience the three of us have.  It will be nice not to worry about the daily nuts and bolts of an operation and just help guide someone. I look forward to that.”

Competitors Who Admired Each Other

Jerry, Jeff and Fred were all competing at the same level in the commercial real estate world and through their interactions, gained respect for each other in their capacities as CEOs and presidents of independent brokerage networks or franchises going back to the 1980s.

“We were friendly competitors working and playing in similar worlds,” said Jeff. “Jerry was a pioneer in portfolio dispositions. Management for institutional investors is one of his claims to fame that I remember. When we got to know each other he had just won the John Hancock account to dispose of over half a billion dollars worth of property.”

Jerry Anderson’s High-flying Road to eXp Commercial 

Behind Jerry’s CCIM credentials (Certified Commercial Investment Member) is an impressive roadmap to his deep experience in the industry. He has served in several high-level capacities in building and shaping other commercial giants, such as NAI Global, SVN (formerly Sperry Van Ness) and Coldwell Banker Commercial.  

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In 1999, Jerry was named president of Coldwell Banker Commercial, a subsidiary of Cendant (now Everywhere) Corporation, helping to grow the company to more than 400 offices in less than five years.

“I put years of my life into building Coldwell Banker Commercial in one way or another because I was a consultant for two years and I was there as the president of the company for five years. I commuted back and forth from Florida to Central Jersey headquarters every Monday and Friday. That’s how important of a task it was at the time.”

Jerry left CBC and became a consultant and CCIM senior instructor to NAI before taking the position of president of Sperry Van Ness in 2003 (now SVN) where he served in that capacity for five years. During Anderson’s 5-year presidency, the company grew from 300 advisors to more than 950 and expanded its footprint internationally and into the institutional arena.

In 2008, he was named Executive Managing Director of SVN Florida, pioneering the first regional/area developer agreement awarded by SVN International. He was responsible for the growth and cohesive unification of the company in Florida by strategically identifying key markets, companies, and advisors. Today Florida offices represent a significant portion of SVN’s annual revenue.  He departed SVN after a 20-year tenure of assisting in the building of the company’s platform and growth. Anderson created and led SVN’s Asset Recovery Team (SVNART) in 2008 as well as SVN Auctions, to accommodate the ebb and flow of market conditions.

“Jeff and Fred and I could make one heck of a list when it comes to strengths and weaknesses of our competitors,” said Jerry. “We know right where the soft spots are. And trust me – there are many soft spots in those models. In 50 years I have not seen a perfect model in commercial real estate, but I think eXp Commercial has figured it out.”

Author, Collaborator, Speaker and Winner of Numerous Awards

Along with Mike Lipsey (CCIM), Jerry co-authored two best-selling training program books: “Commercial Real Estate: How to Buy, Sell and Lease” as well as “Real Estate: Mastering the Negotiation Process.” He also authored “A Practical Guide to Owning Real Estate.”

His book “Success Strategies for Investment Real Estate” is now a classic on the shelves of commercial real estate practitioners. Additionally, Jerry contributed to Rod Santomassimo’s best-selling book, “Brokers Who Dominate.”

Jerry was awarded numerous Instructor of the Year awards as well as the prestigious Victor L. Lyon award by the CCIM Institute during his 20 years of teaching the CCIM course curriculum.

He has made presentations on real estate investment to audiences in France, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and all 50 states in the United States. Jerry also has discussed investment real estate on television networks including NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS, and on more than 250 radio stations.


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