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Anita "Legacy" Blue eXp Realty

Editor’s note: In celebration of Black History Month, we are featuring eXp Realty agents who are sharing their stories of service, values and commitments.

Anita “Legacy” Blue is an eXp Realty agent in Houston. She made “legacy” her middle name so that it resonated with her and others around her, perhaps as a way to find strength after her single mother died at 50 – leaving Anita, the oldest of four – with a big hole to fill. 

“I want to be remembered as someone who was there for people when they needed me, sometimes when they didn’t,” she wrote in her 2021 book, “Our Shades of Black History: Individual Stories From Black Men & Women From Moments in Time.”

And now Anita is creating a big legacy for herself.

From Matriarch to Air Force Veteran to Community Leader

Service is part of Anita’s DNA. She served as the de facto matriarch when her mother passed away. Then she went on to serve her country, spending 35 years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring in 2021 as a Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt) E-8. Now Anita is kicking it into overdrive for her beloved Houston community, wearing multiple leadership hats along the way:

  • 2024 National President of LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance: Anita is proudly out as a lesbian, although she was “hiding in plain sight” during the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” era as a military veteran. She was Houston’s local Real Estate Alliance Past Chapter President and is now the 2024 National President and Chair of the Board of Directors.
  • CEO of Club Action and Impact Houston WAKE UP LLC – Anita is the co-creator of this business network and community outreach organization that takes action and tries to make an impact in the Houston community. Tools include a directory, listing businesses that Club Action stands behind. On the social media app Clubhouse, she moderates a wakeup session Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 to 9:15 a.m. CT, discussing business strategies, current events and lifestyle.
  • Board of Directors for Houston L.E.A.D. Preparatory Academy
  • Current member and past captain of Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Black Heritage Committee, which awards annual scholarships to Texas scholars.
  • VFW and American Legion member assisting veterans with real estate ventures and financial literacy tools.
  • Usher Training Coordinator for her church hospitality committee.
  • Member of the Fountain of Praise Hospitality Ministry
  • Former Director of Membership for The Houston Millennials

Additionally, Anita is an author, too. Her books include:

  • Breakthrough Success” – Anita writes about what leadership means for her, offering a “blueprint to five key personality traits that she uses to stay ahead of her peers.” Other leaders share their success stories as well.
  • Our Shades of Black History” – A compilation of stories from Black men and women who wanted to leave the world with a piece of their story. Anita wrote a chapter about her journey of self-discovery, evolution and triumph.

“I knew I had stories that would resonate with others,” said Anita. “Coming out in the military and taking the journey of self-discovery, researching and learning about my ancestry were both huge life-changing events.  I have always said, ‘Your story is someone else’s glory.’ “

Her Path to eXp Meant She Could Be Her ‘Authentic Self’

Anita has been in real estate for nine years, but in 2023, she savored an opportunity to work with two leaders at eXp Realty – Detroit’s LaShawn Peterson and Towanna Jackson.

“Along with working with Towanna and LaShawn was the fact that I could be my authentic self and add value to my community within eXp,” said Anita.

As an out and proud Black lesbian, being her authentic self is of utmost importance. So important that she wrote a moving essay for RISMedia during the holiday season, asking those to show love and support for people in the LBGTQ+ community. 

An excerpt from the RISMedia article:

“Deciding to live authentically is a magnificent, important, and powerful moment. No matter how hard it may be for you to come to grips with who they are, your child or loved ones don’t want to pretend anymore to be someone that they aren’t.

“Embrace this moment. Recognize that living authentically is critical to their well-being. And doing it with parental or familial love and support can also be lifesaving.”

Anita Says eXp Feels Like Home

Anita has only been with eXp Realty since October 2023, but she knows it’s the right place for her.

“I was looking for a home that offered innovation, mentoring and community and that is what I found once I started talking with Towanna and LaShawn. It felt like home. I hadn’t been looking very long. It was the right timing for what I felt I needed.”


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