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Bryan Knisley eXp Realty agent las vegas

Bryan Knisley has seen Las Vegas boom over the 20+ years he’s been in business there. He built a real estate brokerage that matches Vegas’ incredible trajectory of growth. 

From 800,000 residents to over 2 million, Vegas is where Knisley rose to become one of America’s top-selling agents. 

The numbers Knisley racked up tell that tale. He founded his Better Life Realty Team in 2015 and grew it to 35 agents. In 2022, his team closed on more than $66 million, handling 149 transactions. 

And yet, like a lot of the top brokers and agents, Bryan knew there was another level out there for him and Better Life Realty. What he didn’t want was to diminish his brand or dilute his selling power. 

“For the past five years, I’ve been turning down offers from agents and team leaders left and right. My usual response was: ‘Why would I give up control of my own brokerage? It doesn’t make any sense to me,’ ‘’ Bryan said. 

eXp Influencers Garth Ward & Mike Sherrard Lit a Fire 

Then he found eXp influencers Garth Ward and Mike Sherrard. Their use of social media to tell dynamic stories about sales and growth were game changers. 

“I got hooked. Mike’s insights were so valuable that I ended up buying his Social Agent Academy Training. I started diving into his strategies and applying them to revamp my YouTube Channel, and it was a game-changer. I saw results almost instantly,’’ Knisley said.

“Then, I came across an interview with Garth on Mike’s channel where he shared his own story. He talked about the struggles of being a broker/owner, juggling a million responsibilities and working insane hours to ensure his agents received top-notch training, coaching, and support. Garth also talked about how eXp changed the game for him. It offered massive leverage, not just for his business, but for his agents too. They had the chance to build a better business with passive income and even ownership. I was sold!”

Learn More About Bryan Knisley:

Brokerage history:

  • eXp Realty [2023-current]
  • Better Life Realty (Broker/Owner) [2015-2023]
  • Keller Williams [2013-2015] 
  • RE/MAX (and various) [2003-2013]

How long were you considering the move to eXp? 

“For the past five years, I hadn’t fully grasped what I was rejecting (about eXp) until I crossed paths with Mike. He had a way of explaining things that no one else could. It took me around six  months of deep contemplation and envisioning a business that would truly reward both me and my agents for our hard work and dedication.

“Eventually, I mustered the courage to take the leap, fully aware that I might lose some or even all of my agents in the process. But something inside me knew that this was the right path to follow. Once I gained clarity and understood the potential, the decision became surprisingly easy. Joining was a no-brainer.”

What are your impressions of eXp so far?

“I have to say, I’m truly impressed. Every person I’ve met here genuinely wants to see me succeed. There are no empty promises, no tricks or showmanship, and definitely no big egos. It’s just a community of good-hearted people coming together, working as a team to help each other achieve our goals. When it comes to choosing the right company to work for, culture is a crucial factor, and eXp seems to have nailed it perfectly.”

Do you specialize in certain types of real estate

“Residential, investment properties, auction, asset management. In 2010, I had the privilege of co-founding Paragon Asset Management Group. At Paragon AMG, we offer comprehensive life-cycle services tailored specifically for distressed real estate investors. Our track record speaks for itself, as we have successfully flipped over 200 properties and curated a remarkable portfolio of homes for one of the nation’s largest hedge funds.”

Other highlights:

RE/MAX International Awards:

  • 2013 Hall of Fame Award
  • 2013 #1 Agent in the Southwest Region
  • 2013 #2 Agent in the US
  • 2013 #6 Agent in the World

Keller Williams Awards:

  • 2014 #1 Team (overall production)
  • 2014 Top Producing Team in the Southwest Region (units & GCI) 


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