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As eXp World Holdings continues to generate impressive numbers and results for its rapid pace of growth and innovation, its leadership continues to be recognized as well. Today, Jeff Whiteside, eXp’s CFO and Chief Collaboration Officer, was named to HousingWire’s inaugural list of 2021 Finance Leaders.

Whiteside was hired in his role on Nov. 1, 2018 when the company numbered 15,000 agents and just started trading on Nasdaq when the stock price was around $9 a share. eXp Realty operated in the United States and a few provinces in Canada.

jeff whiteside housingwire

Since then, Whiteside has driven eXp’s phenomenal growth on all fronts. He oversaw revenue growth of 100% year-over-year and the company’s valuation increased from approximately $650 million in Q4 2018 to more than $7 billion today. Additionally, eXp experienced 233% agent growth under Whiteside’s leadership, numbering more than 50,000 agents today. Here are some additional highlights of Whiteside’s accomplishments since joining eXp in 2018:

“I’m honored to be recognized among some of the industry’s most innovative finance leaders,” said Whiteside. “It’s been a phenomenal experience to contribute and be on the team that has driven eXp’s meteoric growth. From acquisitions and new business lines to international expansion, eXp’s propensity to innovate positions us for success ahead.”

Whiteside Driving eXp’s Record-setting Results

In the past year, he has played a key role in driving eXp’s record-breaking financial performance and profitability. Revenue increased 100% year over year, from $282 million in Q3 2019 to $564 million in 2020. Residential transaction sides closed for Q3 2020 also increased 95%. EXPI has also achieved GAAP net income every quarter since Q4 2019. 

“COVID-19 forced finance leaders to adapt quickly to meet the challenges their companies faced last year, but it also presented huge opportunities for companies with agile leadership,” HousingWire Editor and Chief Sarah Wheeler said. “The Finance Leaders we recognize this year are the ones who were ready to capitalize on those unique opportunities and achieve sustained success for their companies as a result.”

Whiteside works closely with eXp founder and CEO Glenn Sanford across all aspects of the eXp World Holdings business and the teams within Realty, finance, technology, marketing, legal, human resources, new business development, mergers and acquisitions, international markets, investor relations, and Virbela.  He has more than 30 years of experience in global finance and operational leadership including executive positions at General Electric, CommerceHub, Pitney Bowes Software, and RM Sotheby’s Auctions.


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