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Washington Ho

Watch out, Houston, because Washington Ho and Jaime Fallon are coming for you.

Washington Ho, the scion of the Ho family, one of the wealthiest Vietnamese families in Houston and star of the HBO Max series “House of Ho” and Jaime Fallon, long-time broker, investor, developer and multi-skilled businesswoman, are joining forces to bring a different flavor of real estate to Houston, leveraging their celebrity status and access, as well as business know-how. 

Washington Ho

“I’m connected to the TV show, which allows me a special way to connect with celebs and athletes,” said Washington, who joined eXp Realty in October 2022. “Plus, having Jaime on my team is really important. She’s like an early Christmas gift.”

Jaime, who has her own clientele of pro athletes and celebrities to bring to the partnership, said, “We want to define the luxury market for eXp and take over those higher-end listings. Because of his connections and my background with remodeling and designing and building, it just made for a perfect storm. I couldn’t think of a better partner because Washington is a visionary like his dad. He thinks of it and I can execute.”

Washington Ho Is the ‘King of Da Ho’

Washington is the first-born son of Binh and Hue who immigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s to tap the American dream. After decades of hard work, smart investments and business savvy, they became extraordinarily wealthy. 

Washington – named after the first U.S. president, as are other family members due to Binh’s pride of being an American – approaches his business dealings across many interests, including entertainment via the House of Ho, music (he co-wrote the show’s theme song), sports, social media and, of course, real estate where he has established The Real Estate Team in Houston. He views real estate as the nexus of where things happen.

The Real Estate Team: (from left to right): Nico Goode, Nanhi Hodge, Noah Bethard, Washington Ho, Jaime Fallon, and Jarrod Jenkins. 

“Ya’ll don’t confine me to one space,” Washington said of why he joined eXp. “I have been investing for over 20 years. eXp offers a national and international platform. I didn’t want to be limited to any types of real estate or business.”

Washington has other, bigger plans in mind, such as an HBO Max spinoff show from the House of Ho, focusing on luxury real estate in Houston, with Jaime being front ‘n center.

“I sat on this for a month to make this decision. My previous broker was like family to me. But he knows this is the right move for me.  Especially having that platform of the ‘House of Ho.’ I said to him, “You can’t give this to me. This is not something that happens everyday,’” Jaime said of the potential of an HBO Max reality TV show focusing on luxury Houston real estate.

Learn more about Washington Ho:

When and why did you join eXp? Who introduced you

“I wanted a brokerage that had a good BRAND as well as international recognition.  This will help launch my team to where it needs to be by giving us access to all the perks that eXp offers their agents. Stacey Wyatt told me a lot and showed me how successful you can be in eXp!”

How many agents joined you at eXp? 

Four. Jarrod Jenkins, Nicholas Goode, Jaime Fallon, Noah Bethard and the director of operations, Nanhi Hodge.

How long were you considering the move to eXp?

“A while. The more I learned about it, the more I liked what I heard and saw.”

What are your impressions of eXp so far

“Fast, reliable, and definitely a brand worth knowing.”

Do you specialize in certain types of real estate?

“I specialize in commercial and investments, but my team has agents who specialize in luxury, listing, buying, and leasing.” 

Washington Ho Brokerage History:

  • eXp Realty (October 2022-current)
  • Camelot Realty 
  • Nan & Co. 

Washington Ho Key Stats:

  • Team Lead for The Real Estate Team
  • $15 million sales volume in 2021 on three units (commercial).
  • Goal for 2023 is ~$300M. “I have a huge private equity client. They want to do $250M in transactions. Two commercial properties. Plus my team can generate $50M.”
  • Conceived the idea for HBO Max’s “House of Ho” reality TV series, which follows the Ho family’s lives and life journey.
  • Named after the first U.S. president, George Washington
  • Married to Lesley, has two children (Roosevelt and Lincoln)
  • Graduated from Southern Methodist University, studied real estate and finance
  • Favorite car is a Porsche. Has owned more than 10 in the past few years.

Jaime Fallon Always Thinking of Ways to Leverage Her Income

Jaime Fallon has deep respect for the Ho family.

“I love Washington’s dad. His dad is just like my dad. They came from nothing and they built themselves up. And I came from nothing. We were a lower middle class family and it was inspirational to see somebody work so hard and build an empire. And that’s what I’ve done for myself over the years.”

Jaime Fallon.

Jaime started building and flipping homes from the age of 22 while working “hard for the man” doing pharmaceutical and medical device sales. She was always investing, tapping into multiple streams of income, but made the plunge into real estate full time in 2014 after being tired of “giving away her money” to real estate agents.

She joined a small firm initially before joining NB Elite Realty, where she built her team to 32 agents and then became the Houston Team Lead, overseeing 450 agents.

Additionally, she started two residential development companies, building four-story townhomes with rooftop decks. She procures the land, finds investors and then builds. She also flips properties, remodels listings before they get listed or after purchase. 

“I have a whole lotta irons in the fire,” said Jaime. “When Washington reached out to me to join his team, I was very hesitant because I have a system in place. It’s a well-oiled machine. So I thought, “If I don’t go this route and do this with Washington, I could be leaving so much on the table. Between his connections and my connections, we know a lot of people and run in some of the same crowds. So it made sense to create this powerhouse team.”

Jaime models for runway charity events.

Jaime said she and Washington have big plans in place: Divide Houston into quadrants, find the best luxury agents for each and begin to establish their luxury footprint.

“Our biggest challenge is to develop a team that is not so green. I don’t want an average agent or someone who does it part time. So we’re going to hand select these people.” 

Once Houston is situated, they have their eyes set on expansion and of course, the House of Ho spinoff.

“With Washington’s international platform, and that he’s one of the richest Vietnamese families here in Texas, they have a lot of international friends and family and buyers who are coming here. So we want to start it slow; build it right the first time, then go into the LA market, Miami, NYC and then eventually go international.”

Jaime Fallon Brokerage History:

  • eXp Realty (November 2022 – Present)
  • NB Elite Realty (2015 – November 2022)
  • Arthur Realty Services (September 2014 – 2015)

Jaime Fallon Key Stats:

  • Production in 2021: $12,891,231 closed sales on 55 units. 
  • Production for the past 12 months: $13,367,916 million closed sales on 38 units.
  • NB Elite Realty Top 3 volume sales agents from 2019-2021
  • NB Elite Realty Top sales agent, 2021
  • NB Elite Realty Top Sales agent, 2022
  • Avid Crossfit athlete at Crossfit GonzStrong
  • Runway model for runway charity events for the YAYA Boutique/Club of Katy supporting the Military Warriors Support Foundation
  • Former Katy Independent School District (ISD) bond committee
  • Former Katy ISD agriculture teacher
  • My family raises kangaroos and Markhor goats 


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