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February ICON agents

eXp World Holdings (Nasdaq: EXPI), the holding company for eXp Realty, the fastest-growing residential and commercial real estate companies in the world, announced that 145 agents – 123 in the U.S., and 22 in Canada – were honored as eXp Realty ICON agents for February 2023. 

The eXp Realty ICON Agent Award is reserved for agents who achieve exceptional production goals and positively impact company culture. This honor signals that these agents are leaders in their field and serve as examples to their colleagues by upholding the core values of eXp Realty.

eXp Realty ICON Agents for February 2023 

Diana Abner IN
Megan Alexander MO
Caroline Allison TX
Vito Labalestra and Ana Gajardo FL
Alicia and Kristopher Angstadt VA
Kenji Asakura WA
Lisa Aubin ON
Scott Bascom MA
Meredith Bell AL
Frank Bertolino MA
Ebony Bethea OH
Betsy Birdsong LA
Emanuel and Elizabeth Blando MO
Kip Boatcher CA
Jason Bramblett NC
Melissa and Brian Doga LA
Brian and Emily Brooke CA
Mark and Kelli Cairns TN
Amanda Calhoun MD
Robert and Linda Cheyne FL
Dan Chiasson ON
Matthew Chick AZ
Henry Chu AB
Jordy Clark UT
Derrick Coates AZ
Chantrell Cofield GA
Andrew Collins NL
Marita Corkill TX
Blake Cory CA
Christina Crabtree WV
Jesse Dau OR
Future Davis MI
Alex De Camargo CT
Angelo DePaola AL
Jazmin Derby TX
Chelsea Dillick MO
Jason Dillon NY
Michael Doyle OH
Steve Duran NM
Danny Duvall OH
Leana & Charles Eastty MT
Tammi Ellison OR
Zachary Fagas MO
Katie Fear AZ
Jesiane Fernandes RI
Joshua Fleming ON
Leilani Fong BC
Kimberly Fraser WA
Zach Frick IL
Jake Fugman IL
Renee and Jeffrey Funk FL
Mark Gibeau MI
Barbara Green NC
Braden Greer SC
Marcela Guerrero Garcia OK
Sanjay Gupta ON
Alexander Sasha Gurevich NY
Amy Haggstrom IA
Shayne Hall MN
Brian Hall TX
Christina Harmon TX
Julius Harris MI
Kevin Hawkins CA
Harjit Heir BC
John and Ines Henao FL
Maricela Herrera CT
Erica Hoffman AZ
Nick Holman AL
Andy Holmstrom WA
Derek Hooper ON
Wes Houx TX
Garrett Howell TX
Tara Iorg CA

Jaroslaw Jastrzebski IL
Samuel Jennings VA
Shane and Lee Johnson OK
Erik Johnson WI
Ahmed “ALi” Khalil MI
Emily Kim NJ
Daniel Kingsley MN
Laird Knight WV
Vincent Koo NY
Vaughn Krywicki SK
Jason Lash MI
Dawn Lawrence TX
Tara and Tai Le TX
Jennifer and Timothy Ledford NC
Jasmine Lee ON
Jeremy Leman IL
Crystal Littlefield FL
Jennifer Love MT
Megan Luther CO
Julia Maki MN
Darren Mancuso OH
Hussein Mansour ON
Jason Matt MI
DeeDee McGraw AL
Leslie McRaney VA
Dominique McShan TX
Leslie Melton TX
Ahmad Moharam ON
Robert Mooney SC
Jean Morrison ON
Chris Morton NC
Remi Morvan ON
Kenneth Murillo MI
Cem Mutlu MA
Paul Mychalowych MI
Justin Myers FL
Tam Nguyen AB
Keith and Pamela Nicely ME
Lisa and Robert Novak VA
Tristan O’Grady SC
Julie Peregrym AB
Liz Pino VA
Brian Poudel ON
David Radcliffe NV
Sandra Raden MI
Robin Rice CO
Jimmy Rufus VA
Kelli Scheffers MI
Chris Shody ON
Phillip Simon VA
Hannah Smith MN
Chad Smith TX
Lyndon Sommert AB
Mary Sonnier LA
Bob Sophiea KY
Nikki Sorenson MO
Chris Speer MI
Amber Spiecher FL
Lance Steffek AL
Elissa Stone TX
Thai Truong TX
Michael Truong CT
Jack Tsai CA
Tommy Turner CA
Gustavo Vaz AB
Ngan Vien MA
Jennifer Viger GA
Stephen Weiler TN
Hannah Osterman and William Tompkins IL
Hofit Yanev MB
Charles Yow MO
Amy Zimmerman KY

The eXp Realty ICON Agent Award provides each qualified ICON with up to $16,000 in publicly traded eXp World Holdings, Inc. common stock upon the achievement of certain production, cultural and event attendance goals. The company’s cap is presently set at $16,000. Through the program, ICONs effectively can earn up to their entire cap amount back in the form of stock. ICON Agent qualification and benefit details are available in the ICON Program Overview


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These figures are not a guarantee, representation or projection of earnings or profits you can or should expect. They also do not include expenses incurred by Agents in operating their businesses. eXp Realty makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with eXp Realty results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

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