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Top 50 agents internationally

For the past few weeks, eXp Realty has announced the top producing individuals and teams by volume in the United States, Canada and eXp Commercial and today, recognition is being given to its international producers with the unveiling of the Top 50 Individuals and Top 10 Teams in 2022.

Top eXp Realty Individual Agents Internationally By Volume

Leading in individual sales volume is Christopher Abraham of Great Britain who closed 2022 with £31,052,750.00 in volume ($38,299,375.00 in USD).

Second is Thomas Howe of Great Britain who finished with £28,310,001.00 in volume ($34,916,564.38 in USD).

Third is Claire Bilton of Great Britain who finished with £27,628,906.00 in volume ($34,076,525.64 in USD).

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Top eXp Realty Teams Internationally By Volume

Leading the Top 10 Teams internationally by volume is the Consultan team (Portugal), led by Arnaldo Grossman. Consultan finished 2022 with €21,946,076.00 in volume ($23,860,871.13 USD).

Second is One Sixteen Group (Puerto Rico), led by Eliezer Torres, whose team completed 2022 with $8,746,000.00 (USD) in volume.

Third is the Nuno Venceslau – Luxury Real Estate (Portugal), led by the team’s namesake, Nuno Venceslau, finishing 2022 with €5,317,245.00 in volume ($5,662,600.00 USD). 

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