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eXp partner O'Connor

When asked about the greatest challenges their clients face, real estate agents often mention cash flow and high commercial and residential real estate costs. To provide solutions to these hurdles, the eXp Partners program has partnered with O’Connor, a property tax consulting firm. 

Through O’Connor, eXp Realty residential and commercial agents can help their clients reduce high costs through property tax reduction, federal tax reduction through cost segregation and commercial appraisals. O’Connor only charges clients a fee if they successfully reduce their taxes.

eXp real estate agents and their clients have access to the following through eXp Partner O’Connor:

  • Residential Property Tax Reduction: O’Connor’s tax consultants provide valuation intelligence and work with the assessor, appraisal review board and judicial appeal process.
  • Commercial Property Tax Reduction: Licensed tax agents help eXp Commercial clients by filing an appeal, reviewing financials, protesting over-assessed property values and pursuing every legal avenue to lower taxes.
  • Federal Tax Reduction: O’Connor helps eXp Commercial clients increase cash flow by reducing taxable income through cost segregation, a tool that allocates property components for federal income tax depreciation calculations.
  • Commercial Appraisal: O’Connor’s appraisers gather and analyze data to make informed decisions about real estate values. 

To enroll or learn more about services, eXp agents and clients can visit and contact O’Connor via email at [email protected] for property tax reduction and [email protected] for cost segregation. 

eXp agents can also join O’Connor on Workplace and speak with O’Connor representatives in the eXp World Partner Hub from. 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. PT Monday through Friday.  


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