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eXp Commercial continues to build and refine its tools and offerings and is launching product specialty committees designed to help its agent advisors continue to get support specific to their particular field of concentration in commercial real estate.

The committees will include specialties such as:

  • Farm/Ranch/Land
  • Retail Sales
  • Corporate Services
  • Net Leased
  • Asset/Property Management
  • Hospitality
  • ESG
  • Multi-Family
  • Mobile Home, RV Parks, & Self Storage
  • Business Brokerage
  • Leasing: All Types
  • Medical 
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Church/Worship/Non-profits
  • Capital Markets & Debt
  • Global Commercial

Committees Will Meet Monthly

Commercial real estate is a big departure from residential real estate in which multiple types of commercial dealings can take place, as evidenced by the list above. For example, even within the multi-family category, there are sub-categories such as senior housing and university housing. By setting up committees geared to each specialty, eXp Commercial agents can help each other navigate nuances or situations within each commercial type.

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The peer-to-peer mentoring will allow agents/brokers to share their goals and challenges with a group that understands the unique aspects of commercial real estate and the product specialty. The committees will meet monthly via Zoom. 

Advisors will gain support and valuable insight into their specialty. As many in the industry can attest, no deal is ever straightforward. Being part of these committees is sure to yield surprising insights, as well as develop valuable connections. 

Benefits include:

  • Networking – Group members will provide advisors with resources and make introductions to help grow their business.
  • Business Growth – Groups will provide valuable feedback and helpful advice that can be used to increase revenues, reduce expenses, and be better positioned for future opportunities. 
  • Synergy – Simply put, being around other driven, passionate entrepreneurs who are excited about their growth potential will be super-energizing for everyone involved. 

The meetings will be held monthly for one hour. To sign up for a specialty committee, click here.


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