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Editor’s note: This class was initially held in April 2021 and due to its overwhelming success, is being offered again July 26-30.


Training and education are core offerings at eXp Realty, which has a multitude of free classes offered each week through the eXp University program. Now, eXp Commercial is adding to the goodness by offering a free, five-day commercial real estate training and certification program for all agents — whether you’re with eXp or not.

The training program, “An Introduction to Commercial Real Estate,” is a full, five-day program being held July 26-30 and will be facilitated by Michael Simpson of the National Commercial Real Estate Association (NCREA). It’s free and will be held virtually in eXp World

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“There has always been a lack of education and training when it comes to commercial real estate,” said Stephanie Gilezan, eXp Director of Commercial Operations. “Pre-licensing and continuing education barely touch on commercial real estate. With the lack of training, it has always been difficult for commercial agents and brokers to be successful in the commercial real estate space. At eXp Commercial, we want to put education and training at the forefront so all licensees have the training necessary to know the business but to also be successful in their commercial real estate career.”

Details on eXp Commercial’s Free Training:

  • What: “Introduction to Commercial Real Estate” training program
  • When: Monday through Friday, July 26-30
  • Where: eXp Commercial Auditorium in eXp World. (For non-eXp agents, upon registration, information will be provided on how to access eXp World.) 
  • Who can attend: Licensed real estate agents who are interested in learning more about commercial real estate
  • Cost: Free!
  • Agenda: See the curriculum here (All times are PDT)
  • Certification: Agents who attend classes Tuesday through Thursday, July 27-29, do the homework and pass the test will be awarded a certificate verifying this accomplishment.

The first and last days of the program will provide an overview of commercial real estate and a deeper dive into advanced commercial real estate. The core days where the certification classes will be offered are Tuesday, July 27 through Thursday, July 29. This is where homework will be assigned — yes, homework! — and a test will be given on Thursday. For those who pass the test, a certificate will be awarded by the NCREA, verifying an agent took part in the three-day course, completed the homework and passed the test.

Getting insight and training into commercial real estate is not easily accessible and it can be costly. eXp is committed to educating all agents in residential real estate, as well as commercial. This class is ideal for residential real estate agents who want to learn more about commercial real estate and add another tool to their arsenal. Don’t miss this free opportunity!

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