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While coronavirus concerns ripple across the country, real estate business continues to carry on at eXp Realty while keeping people at a safe distance, thanks to the innovative tools available to eXp agents. 

One tool that eXp Realty agents have come to rely on heavily in this current environment is eXp 360 Tours, powered by EyeSpy 360. eXp 360 tours allow prospective buyers to tour homes from the comfort of their own home on a computer, tablet or phone, while keeping a safe distance. The immersive 3D tours provide information-rich views and video conversation, allowing our agents to “virtually” walk clients through the home.

“I think the product is really great,” said New Orleans eXp agent Michael Robb. “It fills a need in today’s market and in true eXp fashion it empowers the agent with a cost-effective DIY solution.”

For a cost of $95 per tour, eXp agents are able to upload 360-degree home tours with video chat integration, enabling eXp Realty agents to create tours and floor plans in minutes and provide their clients with high-tech touring options.

How eXp’s 360 Tours Work

According to EyeSpy360 CEO Michael Valentine, a mobile phone’s quality and production work fine for creating a great virtual tour – no need to invest in a camera if you’re price-conscious. Also, many photographers who are hired by agents to do listing photos are usually experienced in doing 360-degree tours as well. 

Agents looking for the best possible imaging can purchase a 360-degree-enhanced camera, such as those made by Ricoh (cost ranges from $280 to $999). To take a virtual tour with a mobile phone or a 360 camera, a rotator kit and a monopod are also needed to mount the device and rotate it at an ideal height. Cost of a rotator kit is about $99 and the starting cost of a monopod is around $25.

Once the eXp 360 software is downloaded, the agent or photographer goes to work, filming each room in just a few minutes. Once the exterior and interior shots are filmed, the images are uploaded to the EyeSpy360 team and turnaround is usually in 24 hours. What agents get in return are:

  • 360-degree home tour
  • 2D and 3D floor plans
  • Live video chat
  • Approximate room measurements
  • Customizable links and video embeds
  • Ability to add branding
  • Option to add street views and maps
  • Freedom to add information tags about home features (i.e., appliances, chandeliers, etc.)
  • Full ownership of their virtual tour content

Once the virtual tour is complete, agents can send the URL to prospective buyers or fellow agents and a virtual “walk-through” can be conducted via any device that has browser capabilities: a cell phone, tablet, computer laptop or desktop.

Agents – if available – can do a live chat with clients and move through the house together, looking at the same things. Or, if the agent is unavailable, anyone with a link to the virtual tour can take a tour on their own. Plus, multiple people can be added to the tour. 

One feature clients and agents love is the ability to highlight appliances or other features in the home through info pop-ups and links to the product manufacturer’s information page, allowing sellers to share the quality additions to their home and buyers to get a more complete home tour experience.

Information tags can be added to highlight a home’s features. This listing by New Orleans eXp agent Michael Robb shows tags on the molding, chandelier and pocket doors.

The benefits of virtual touring are numerous, said Robb, adding that not only is it a great option to continue to view homes from a safe distance, but it also reduces traffic from buyers who are not serious. 

Scottsdale eXp agent Eric Redleaf says buyers enjoy virtual tours better than still photos.

“They generally like it better because it’s more complete. You can’t really hide anything. With still shots, there’s a feeling you’re just showing the best angles and not showing parts of the house that might be problematic.”

Robb just completed this virtual tour in which he is the listing agent for this New Orleans home in the Lower Garden District at 1301 Coliseum St., New Orleans, LA.

“It’s awesome,” Robb says of eXp 360. “This is much more interactive and much more customizable. I signed up for 360 tours three months ago, but never really dug in until this listing. It was very easy to do.”

Note: Agents should check their state guidelines on whether virtual tours are permitted. In some states, real estate is not considered an “essential” business due to coronavirus precautions. In those cases, agents can work with their clients to facilitate the 360-degree photography.

eXp 360 is part of eXp’s Preferred Partner program of tools and solutions to keep business moving.


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